How do you deal with “proof of address” for banking and investing and other random stuff?

How do you guys deal with the dreaded “proof of address” for banking and investing and other random stuff?

I don’ have the option to have a family member do this for me, sadly (not wanting to use that country as residence for tax implications).

This has to be a pretty regular problem for most who aren’t doing the old timey “live in one place and pay bills there forever” thing. Suggestions? Services? Hacks? Workarounds?

You can still use a relative for banking etc. Tax residency is more complicated. I am.currently in Taiwan but have bank accounts in the UK. That by itself doesn’t trigger UK tax residency.

I’m still tax resident in my home country, all my bank accounts are there too, I’ve lived in several other countries. Are you tax resident somewhere? Why not just bank there?

More complicated than that. Traveling to tax residency a pain, need banking and brokerage accounts in various places, tax reporting & liabilities, etc.

Have considered all the obvious “simple” ideas already like “just use relatives” or “just bank at home” - which aren’t options for me.

i’ve had the same problem (and still do have it in terms of banking itself) and solved it by asking someone to register a landline phone in my name by making the power of attorney through my country’s embassy and sending it by post to that person.
In terms of banking itself - just using cryptos and cashing it out according to the currently available options. if no bank account - still can do it through p2p exchange. This way no bank can mess up with your finances anyhow significantly.

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That’s a good one, thanks for taking the time to share.

Revolut allows a 3 month working space rental too. They have details on the help page.