How do you dispose of a laptop?

I was sure there was already a topic on this but I can’t find it.

If you have to replace your laptop while travelling, how do you go about it?

I’m assuming it’s best to blitz everything before throwing it out. Also, do you just bin it or is there some process (I guess that would depend on location).

i would scrub the hell out of it then donate it. in the places most of us live, many kids have limited access to tech so even an old, beat up laptop will have its uses. definitely don’t just throw it away though.

Thanks. Donating sounds like a great idea. Have just done a google search and found somewhere :slightly_smiling:

Some places will offer the scrubbing for you (or destroy the HDD) but if you want to make sure you do it yourself, just burn yourself a copy of DBAN ( and run it through the 3 pass option. If you want to be SUPER (and overly) secure, you could even do the 7 pass option.

That scrubs the drive, but you’ll need to install the OS again if you don’t have the factory CD’s/DVD’s.

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