How do you find the public transport information of your next destination?

Probably most of you do as I do, Google it first and then research further, if needed, on official transportation websites, travel guides, blogs, etc.

I travel each month to a new city and I find this task tedious, sometimes there’s not enough information in English or there might be a handy travel planning app or uber-like app that I’m not aware of.

I wish there were a “nomad list” website or app for transport information where you would choose a city and be given all the transportation options (Bus? Tram? Subway? etc), how/where to buy tickets/passes and any additional useful information (trip planner, apps, maps, etc).

Do any of you relate to this?

PS: I’m a developer and I might actually try and create something to “fix” this if a lot of people are experiencing this same “annoyance”.

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How about asking people once you’re there? I remember when I used to try doing research online and it’s such a waste of time. Besides, as an introvert, I find it’s a great excuse to talk to strangers.
People really need to stop depending so much on smartphones.

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My biggest issue is trying to find the best way to get to an airport from the city. Virtually all info online tells you how to get from the airport, but not the other way around! The point is that the cheapest or best way to an airport might be different from an airport.

Otherwise just use google for public transport info.

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Doesn’t google maps do exactly that?

Yeah getting to the cities from airports can be truly a hassle… sometimes I use transfer services like I’ve gotten really good deals with such sites, specially when they offer shared mini-van transfers, it takes a bit longer but they’ll drop you off anywhere in the city centre and it’s way cheaper than a taxi. They’re also great for late night transfers to the airport.

No :rofl: Google Maps on a mobile works just fine in most major cities that have any kind of formalised network of public transportation (with the exception of Vienna), including for connections from a port of entry (the only time I was confused by directions from an airport on arrival was in Shenzhen: it turned out they had just completed a brand-new subway line that ran directly to the airport but they just hadn’t added it yet); if not, that’s what network maps and support staff are for. And if none of these exist, then just ask somebody.

I think it also varies with how familiar & comfortable you are with the city. When I last landed in Singapore, I ended up getting a taxi because the people at Changi airport couldn’t explain the EZ Link cards to me & were more interested in upselling me on other things. Taxi was faster & more direct. But once I was used to the MRT, catching the train back to the airport was easily the best & cheapest way for me.

(Basically, I now use Google Maps & Uber until I’m familiar with how a city works.)

Usually I don’t mind finding out once I am there if it’s not easily available on Google, but if I really need to find out, I’d usually try to find some FB groups for backpackers / travelers / residents in that city and ask there :slight_smile: (I think building an app would be quite difficult for those countries where you cannot find anything online for already, as the times change all the times or sometimes there are no set times etc)

I start with Rome 2 Rio. From there, I may hop to the sites that come up on Rome 2 Rio, but often that’s enough to get me started in a new city. Then Google Maps, if available.

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Try the Mooveit mobile application or their web app. They have an amazing database and real-time updates for the public transport. They support around 80 countries.

Rome 2 Rio is gold!

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We make it a priority to go to the Tourist info office to get maps and schedules.