How do you manage receiving mail without a permanent address in the Philippines?

Hello all,

I have a mail management service in the UK which all my mail gets sent to. This works fine 90% of the time and most can be dealt with digitally.

The other 10%, I need the mail sent on to me, which they do offer as a service. However, where I struggle is giving them an address to send it to in the Philippines, namely Manila.

I’ve used DHL for really important stuff, like bank cards, but it would be nice to have an address where I can forward certain mail. Anyone been able to set something up like this in the Philippines? Would a virtual office allow me to receive mail?

Thanks in advance

Curious which service are you using in the UK?

For what I need its been very decently priced and always worked well. Just wish I could find something to complete the loop for the physical stuff I need to receive on the other end.

Usually you should ask to the post office for that service