How do you manage your laundry?

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I am wondering how do you manage your laundry work flow.

I ask this question because since I investigate the minimalist way of life I only have 4 teeshirts.
So I changed my habits and I wash my teeshirt, my boxer and my socks while taking a shower (takes me 6 more minutes).

How about you ?
Are you reducing your laundry flow, like by wearing merinos wool clothes ?
Are you going to lavomatic one time a week because you have enough clothes for all the week ?
Are you going to lavomatic more often that once a week because you have only few clothes ?
Are you handwashing your clothers ? how and how often ?

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In house machine cleaning or just drop off at laundry. It is quite cheap and your time is worth heck of a lot more.

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i occasionally hand wash, but usually use a laundry service. yesterday when i checked into my hotel i dropped off everything but the clothes on my back. today i picked up my clean laundry and dropped off what i was wearing yesterday. all-in, cost me less than $3 USD.


It depends on where I’m staying. Obviously in a cold country you can wear your clothes more times without washing than somewhere humid, where you sweat a lot.

Most times, I’m at an Airbnb with a washing machine so it’s not an issue. If I don’t have that then I’ll go to a laundrymat (I assume that’s what a lavomat is, never heard that expression before) but will do a handwash in between times for underwear etc.

I didn’t realise until I started reading travel tips that most Americans only wear clothes once before washing them? If it doesn’t stink and isn’t dirty, I’ll keep wearing something.

As I’ve stated on another thread…

When I travel, I just bring two of everything…
2 x synthetic underwear (Uniqlo Airism)
2 x synthetic t-shirts
2 x pairs of synthetic socks.

And then each night after I’ve taken a shower, I manually wash my synthetics in the sink (warm water & soap, no twisting), rinse out with warm water, squeeze out the water, roll it up in a towel (like a burrito; see below) to suck out more moisture, then hang dry overnight, and everything should be dry the next day. This obviously only works for synthetics, not cottons, since cotton takes forever to dry. Overall, it only takes about 5 minutes each night. With synthetics, you just want to avoid hot washing, hot drying, and twisting.

Burrito Roll Technique:

Do you carry a clothesline with you? If so, which one?

If you are going to do a clothesline, I recommend going to an outdoor store and getting 2-3 meters of the smallest guage climbing rope they have and bringing a dozen large safety pins. The rops is cheaper and more versatile and the safety pins are less bulky and more useful than regular clothes pins.

Try stomping on rather than twisting – that way you have your whole body weight not just your arm strength :slightly_smiling:

Most of my stuff is cotton. It doesn’t take that long to dry. I usually put it on a coathanger and hang it off the aircon.

It depends. For underwear & socks, Americans generally only wear once before washing.

But on the other extreme, some Americans rarely wash their blue jeans, because they want to minimize fading & damage. Anderson Cooper washes his blue jeans once every 3 months. Tommy Hilfiger claims that he NEVER washes his blue jeans.

Yeah obviously clean underwear every day but things like t-shirts, dresses, skirts I would wear a few times before washing.

I just fill up the hotel sink with hot water and throw the day’s dirty clothes in there. Then take the hotel shampoo and empty it into the basin with the clothes. Let it sit there for a couple of hours while I go out. When I come back, I hang it up and let gravity dry out the clothes for me. Usually by check out time, it’s mostly dry. Usually, it’s just a t-shirt, underwear, and shorts. I wear shoes that don’t require socks, so I don’t have to deal with socks.