How do you organize cables in your backpack?

I’m currently thinking of getting a packing cube and velcro binder after I used a GRID-IT organizer which couldn’t fit all my stuff in the end.
I know some use ziplock bags, but how durable is that? Won’t it just be one big mess of cable salad?

What’s your approach?

Small fabric bags.

One bag holds my small headset+boom mic. Another one holds my phone charger, misc usb cable, usb-a to usb-c cable, and a car charger. The longest cable, my computer charging cable, wraps around the brick and goes into its own bag. (Just got a Zolt. So far, so good.)

I prefer the bag “system” because I access my cables at different times of day, based on use. Now I don’t have to deal with an explosion of cables, and I think they’re all pretty compact.

Buuut that’s just me. I try to keep cables to a minimum, so I don’t have to deal with it. Right now I travel with just five cables, including headphones, mic, and computer charger.

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I addressed this by firstly replacing all of the devices I could with ones that are powered by standard USB cables. That lets me eliminate some cables, as it’s highly unlikely all devices are needed at once. I also specifically purchased some devices where the cables can pack in the device, (like a Silicon Power Armor) or devices that were multipurpose to further eliminate cables.

Then, I bought a few short USB cables (4" long) that can pack neatly into any bag without needing loops. I have some longer 3’ ones, because sometimes you need the reach. They get looped, secured from unwinding by tucking one end through the loop, and then put into a small mesh bag.

The mesh bags that I use to hold small devices and cables is below. They’re cost effective and I like the angled zipper, but advise you don’t trust the clip.

The longest cable I have is the laptop power adapter. It uses a simple velcro cable wrap and I always carefully loop it up and cinch it before packing.

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I purchased one of these a while back:

…and I’ve put it to pretty good use. I keep a second set of cables in it, rather than my primary cables - which allows me to throw it in the bag if I need to run out the door quickly.

This showed up on my feed the other day. Super effective.

The best way to stop headphone tangles

I’ve used a similar method but the one in the video you linked to is quicker.
There’s just one small downside to this method: I tend to pull the end tight, but I feel like that reduces the cables lifespan.

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This looks quite similar to the GRID-IT organizers

I tried them but I didn’t like them in the end. My chargers simply aren’t flat enough, the flap is too short, and with big things inside it’s a waste of space since it’s not an easy form factor to pack with. I’m also too lazy to always loop cords, stuck them under the rubber bands and then reorganize the whole thing.

Do you feel like your organizer is eating a lot of space? It looks like there’s much air inside.

Same as others, I use a fabric bag. I don’t have a lot of cables - one for my android tablet and 2 for camera, phone, power bank + laptop cord. I have a usb adapter, one of the ones with four usb slots + the clip on plugs for various locations and chuck that in the bag along with adapters for my laptop.

I’ve looked at the grid-it and other organisers but none seem to provide much value for me. A fabric bag can be squished in anywhere.

Fabric bag for me too. Actually just an old airline amenity kit. I just wrap each cable before putting it in the bag. Haven’t had any issues with tangling. Super simple.

Ok, many answers, can’t read them all.but here’s mine:

  • first I use bags in my bag. so I have one bag for electronics in my carry-on backpack. if I travel with more for settling somewhere, a second bag for the “settled time stuff” (oops, Apple TV, extra chargers, etc)
  • I use usb-powered devices, and just one multi USB charger. this stuff is awesome, Check Anker or other brands, 5 or 6 USB port with 50W. I just swap the power cord from country to country if the power plugs are different. then, I can wrap all the USB cables together, still plugged to the charger
  • I use multi end short cables for chargers (one usb jack splits into micro-usb + lightning + etc)
  • I choose flat braided cables I don’t use them often (HDmi, ethernet)
  • no more : retractable cables. very practical, but need to be bought in stock and have spare, I found them lasting 3 month max, even best brands
  • I use this simple technique to wrap each cable easily in a loop : (jump at the end for the one that works). used for years, wrap / unwrap in seconds without thinking.
    i guess that’s it… except one exception.
    since I’m a nerd I may play with more stuff and cables (raspberry pi, even a small drone, etc), this stays in small boxes project by project
    One last last obvious but hey : I regularly sort them and throw the extras, minus one or two spare
    Hope it helps

Fabric bags. People above me have said everything else I would. Zip ties and twisty-locks are useful for reducing knots.

Oh, note: Do not wrap your cables, especially in the way that @RichardH suggested. It destroys the life of the cable, as it twists the inner wires, and you’re much more likely to end up with breakage or or frayed cables. It’s fine if your cables are cheap - for instance, if you have a couple of USB chords and they’re easy to get. However, for some cables, such as laptop chargers, this can quickly lead to an expensive solution. It is worse for nomads - there may not be a Mac store nearby.