How do you organize your book notes if you use an e-reader?

Hey there! As a nomad, how do you organize your book notes? I used to write notes on the physical pages, but now since I’m always traveling I’m trying to avoid physical books and it became difficult to keep track of my book notes. Also, I feel that it is so much more effective to retain the information on the book when I take notes of what I’m reading…

Any ideas for tools/methods to organize your book notes on the road?

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I use my Kindle’s notes function, although I have no idea how I would extract my notes from the device.

does evernote still exist? or you could use onenote online.

Exactly, I wonder how to have those notes/highlights sync into one place. Plus, having a way to edit and add annotations after reading the book would be nice feature.

That is true. I used Evernote before (long time ago) but at the time didn’t find it as slick as I was expecting. Onenote I don’t know, but will take a look!

All your kindle notes are available at There also a not that complicated process of getting them into Evernote:


Ooh, this is lovely to know!

Nice! That seems a good option indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Although I don’t seem to be able to open it. I wonder if that’s because my Kindle and my books are associated with

Perhaps. It still feels quite cumbersome and clumsy to do this all the time.

… and not an option for those of us who never ever connect kindle to the net.

I just tried it and the Your Highlights feature seems to work for accounts connected with so there should be a way to get it to work with other overseas accounts (DE, UK). It does take a while to load each book, it uses infinite scrolling (scroll to the bottom of the page to start loading the next book of notes). It’s also showing my annotated notes as well as my highlights.

Here’s a tangential question… For both Kindle & iBooks, every now and again, an author will “update” their book, and I see the update waiting in my app to be installed. If I do that, will it wipe out the notes I made on the previous version of the book? Or are they retained? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

I use Marvin ebook reader because it will let me export my notes, but I have to run my kindle books through Calibre DRM strip first.

I use a service called that can automate clipping your Kindle Highlights page into Evernote at the push of a button. It’s $1.99/month, but useful if you read a lot and notes are important for you to reference.