How do you plan your budget with different currencies?

Hey travellers, how are you doing?

Do you have problems to plan your trip choosing any currency they want? For example, I’m going to the UK but would like to plan my trip (How much will I spend in housing/food/having fun/attending attractions?) in US Dollar or Euro or any other money.
How do you guys do it easily?

No, I don’t see any problem with that. Sometimes I don’t even know local currency and exchange rate until I arrive.

Set the AirBnB currency to your home currency for lodging Q’s. Can you afford 6 mo and a flight?

Then your budget is good enough!

Exchange a few hundred at the airport when you land and have more on you… Banks and currency exchange places are everywhere.

Have an ATM card and credit card in case and you are ready for hands on experience!

Then, Hustle harder once you arrive! :wink:

No problems here. What currency I’m spending in really means nothing to me…

I always make sure to track my spending in a multi-currency capable app like Toshl.

We use Travel Wallet - - but I believe it’s only available for iPhone.

The app allows you to enter a home currency, then add up to 5 currencies per trip. Set your budget in the home currency, then add the foreign currency…with a tap of the summary screen, the budget will change to any currencies you added to the trip. Each destination is a trip for us.

The customizable categories (accommodations, restaurants, groceries) are great, so at the end of the trip we just download a CSV to do pivots, etc. There are columns in the CSV for local currency and foreign.

Hope this helps! Happy Travels. :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand the problem - are you asking how to plan spending or track it?
I just create an Excel budget spreadsheet in US dollars. There are lots of free online templates - I use Then I convert any expenses planned or incurred in foreign currencies to USD using, allowing for a small variance in the actual exchange rate. You can use an app to track (Trail Wallet, Toshl) to track spending and then update your spreadsheet as often as you want. I only track the major expenses - lodging, transportation, food, insurance, student loan payment, etc…and allocate a regular amount for incidentals.

Expensify will convert as it does OCR

Bringing this back from the dead with permission…

My partner and I were tracking transactions in many different currencies in a DIY spreadsheet but it quickly grew tiresome and complicated.

So after earlier this year on my snow-mad journey in Fukuoka, Japan, I built Lunch Money ( It is nearing a full-featured personal finance tracker/budgeting web app at this point but at the core, every feature is built with multicurrency in mind.