How do you receive physical mail as a digital nomad?

I’ve heard good things (just one actually) about UKpostbox. Not sure if that’s the dodgy one you’re referring to though!

Thanks. No, that’s a different one. I’d love to know if anyone here has had personal experience of UKpostbox.

BTW, if anyone is considering signing up for a service in the UK, I’d be happy to message you the name of the dodgy one!

I second Virtual Post Mail they have incredible customer service and I think the UI is okay but it’s not great.

Travelmore, I need Seattle address from Traveling Mailbox, too. Do you have any problem so far? Wondering if we can use the address for any financial institution (Bank Account, Credit Card, Business License, Drivers License), any insights?

I’m wondering if we can use ‘Traveling Mailbox’ or any virtual mailbox to updates our Drivers License address, any experiences and thoughts? Can we change online or we have to go in person? Thanks all!

No it is great. No issues. I actually went to Seattle and went to DMV and got a license etc. I had some issues with Shitibank when I applied for a new credit card because technically the address is a UPS store so it shows up in their system as a mail processing facility but then I sent in my driver license and it was fine. I’d highly recommend TravelingMailbox.

@Travelmore, that’s awesome and good news!, so even though you go to DMV, and updates your new address from ‘Traveling Mailbox’ it goes through, its great! Wondering though if we could do it online while we’re traveling :smile:

I dunno. For “residency” purposes, I just flew through Seattle and went into the city for the day and got a new ID. No issues. Not sure if you can do it online if you aren’t in state.

We just found out that we can get our documents notarized remotely. This was so convenient given that we are currently in Turkey. We thought it was so cool to be able to notarize our form 1538 electronically. We just downloaded an app called Notarized,Inc and video chatted with a US certified notary official. It cost $25 per document. It was nice not to have to find a notary office to do it!

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Shipito self-reference.

BPM-Lux: Almost looked good, but they have one mayor drawback. They are only able to send postal mail by couriers, for courier pricing w/ tracking, not by the regular postal service, because… logic!?

Getting notarized remotely?! I didn’t even know this was a thing. I went to the US Embassy to get notarized for $50.

Wow, that’s fabulous! I’ll check if similar is available for we Canadians. We found a bilingual notary on Menorca when we needed some docs done a couple of years ago, but remote is way better!!!

Re-upping this thread. Are U.S. folks still using services like Travelingmailbox or Earth Class Mail? Any issues?

Yup, I use Traveling Mailbox in the USA as well and have been happy with it so far.

Thanks, good to know. There was a different thread on here somewhere, I think, where folks were saying they weren’t able to get IDs, insurance, bank statements, etc using the mailbox service addresses. But I can’t find that thread now. (I’m considering a traveling mailbox myself.)

I use them too! I like it but the delay for Seally is like a week!


Best to use a mail service in the state you prefer to domicile.

We use Wanderer Mail Service in Seattle, and like them very much.
Find their digital service here:

I’ve been using traveling mailbox for almost 3 years now. Their web site isn’t going to win any design awards but the service is affordable and reliable. I’d definitely recommend them.