How do you stay safe from natural disasters?

Hey, planing on working in South East Asia for a few months. Still thinking about the exact places to go but wanted to check something with more experienced digital nomads…

Is there any recommended way to keep alerted about natural disasters whilst moving around? I know some countries have local alert systems but I won’t be getting those as I will be travelling. I guess the chance is pretty small but would be nice to have something set up to keep me alerted just in case.

Also, should natural disaster coverage be something I look to get included in my insurance policy? Is this even possible or is it super expensive?

Thanks for your help and sorry if these are silly questions!


I got stuck for a week on Bali in 2017 because of Mount Anung beginning to erupt. I had multiple flights cancelled and having Natural Disaster cover was the only reason I got compensated.

I’d personally recommend it even though the changes are low!