How do you stay safe on public WiFi?

I use VPN (Hotspot Shield) and SSH tunnelling to my server.

For the last few months I’ve been using GetCloak for OSX/iOS and I freaking love it. It’s cheap, automatically enables itself when necessary, is fast and “just works” all over the world.

I agree with everything you said except for the software piracy part. I don’t want to endorse piracy, but with the right knowledge you won’t get in trouble either legally (like from ISPs) or otherwise (viruses).
Only thing you have to make sure is that you know the source of the files and the local laws. Obviously stay away from YouTube, most Torrents and sketchy blogs or pastebin spam.

I don’t know really, there is no way out of a public wifi! you always catch a virus or a trojan or anything that will harm your device!!!

The best way to stay safe: Linux + local Sim card.

We use Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity, everywhere and on many devices to connect to the Internet over the air instead of through a physical cable. Wi-Fi gives us more freedom and power,but not without risk.

There are several hackers and cyber criminals looking for unsecured network so that they can hack one’s personal information. So what you must do? Here find out - Top 10 Best Ways to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

If you don’t mind spending a bit on security you could consider: Tiny Hardware Firewall VPN.

This costs $95USD/year (and is extra hardware), but is a very good solution for protecting your internet habits.

Some of the benefits are: it connects to TOR from the firewall and the access point can be shared with other devices/friends. On the down side beginners will struggle to get the most out of this device, and VPN selection is limited.

Here is a review on it by the Twit people:

Also note the nothing is completely secure. Here is an interesting article on how Carnegie Melon University was hired by the FBI to crack TOR.

Opera has a free VPN for android devices/Opera.
There are a number of VPN services, we like, use it on our home router for full house coverage, use it on android/mobile for coverage, as well as on the laptop when out. Many end points and great speed/service. I think it’s $40 or so a year, well worth it.
If you are just looking at mobile devices, try opera’s free vpn first, it’s nice, easy to use, and great. If you need more end points or no logs, completely private, try There are other paid vpn services, but I don’t have first hand experience with them.