How do you track the total number of days you've spent in different countries?

How do you track a total number of days you’ve spent in different countries during the past 12 months?

I find it to be important for visa and tax purposes to know how long and where I’ve been and I’m unable to find any software that solves this.

I’ve actually just been thinking about this now that I’m going back to Schengen. I might try to put something together for it if nothing else exists.

I’d use a spreadsheet, it’s simple and you can use pivot tables to aggregate multiple entries in the same Country and Areas (such as Schengen). Here’s an example in Google Sheets (although I’d use Excel). The days column is calculated automatically. Check the “By Country” and “By Area” tabs:

The Google sheet isn’t public it seems…

I use a spreadsheet as well for the countries that matter, which for me is Norway and the US. I saw a cool online tool for Schengen recently (built by someone in the community), I’ll see if I can track it down :smile:

EDIT: Not sure if it’s what you were looking for, but here it is:

I use exactly the same kind of spreadsheets for this.

Wondering how big is the market of digital nomads if it would make sense to make an app that would track your time in different countries automatically based on your geo-location.

I use a spreadsheet but it’s only needed mostly for Schengen I believe. There’s a helpful Schengen visa calculator which tells you how many days you can stay based on previous stays. You need to fill in the dates but I’ve found it very handy to control my entries and exits from the region.


It’s not what it was made for, but you can try “Esplorio” (not sure what the rules here are about links, so being safe and not linking it :slight_smile: ). Btw, full disclosure: I am one of the founders

The web version lets you retroactively create trip summaries (includes countries you’ve been to and time spent there) and diaries using content imported from foursquare, instagram, Facebook or twitter (if you have it, or posts have been location tagged).

The web version isn’t as detailed as the iOS app (in beta, but if you like, I can send you an invite), which directly tracks these things using GPS. If you like, I can send you an example of a trip summary to show you what it looks like? :slight_smile:


I use an app called Moves. It auto checks me into Foursquare locations, and does not require an online connection. It can be a hassle if my cellphone battery dies, though.

I’m making this right now:

It lets you set your trips and see if you have overlap with other people. It also supports importing from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TripIt (if you have location sharing on there) and you can also manually enter locations.

You can use it as a Nomad List member (so all of you can use it :D)


Love nomadtrips.

I’ve been adding some past trips to it and I’m wondering whether it’d be possible to have it integrated with tripit so that ppl that have been using trip it can import trips from there.

Does this sounds like something ppl would like? I’d definitely use it.

Yep I’m planning that! Will be there in a few weeks I hope

where can I access the calculator? I saw that as part of the features for joining nomadlist but I can’t find it

I use TripIt to store all of my travel plans, if you haven’t downloaded it you should. It’s a totally free app which you then forward all your books to. It stores them all in one place, country by country. That way you know exactly what your reservation numbers are, the flight times, gate numbers etc. To answer the question directly, you know how long you’ve been in a country also, as it’s a full record of all your travel past, present and future.

Best of all, Tripit tracks flights. So when there is a gate change or delay, I know before anyone else. I think that’s included in the free version, although I get so much value from it I pay the 50 bucks a year for their pro version.

Hope that helps. I’m in no way connected to that company, just an avid user. Happy to answer any questions you have.