How do you use Facebook and Twitter in China? Due to the firewall blocking them?

Morning guys!
I just landed in Beijing few days ago and a bit freak with my gmail and social media channels, apparently the Google product is blocked (I didn’t know it forehead) so does others- Facebook, Twitter or other product.
My friend told me to use Zenmate but again, I couldn’t enter it.
By now while I’m typing I have tried all sorts of solutions which others recommended to me and so far, it doesn’t work… :(…
I hope you guys could help me with some tips and tricks… :smile:
Thanks a lot!!!

You have to use a VPN, which unfortunately, is very hard to download once you are already on the ground in China.

I recommend VyprVPN from about 6 months of personal experience. You can’t access their main website from China, but you can access to download the installer.

A rather good forum site for foreigners in China
The admins are a bit cautious in weird ways. Auto text replacement gets rid of various phrases that might be searched for or might provoke the Great Firewall. Any mention of “VPN” or “virtual private network” becomes “very passable nicety”. Search for that to find the posts relevant to your problem

Hi Leona,

If you need to use the Internet extensively in China, especially for getting work done, then the best solution would be getting a reliable paid VPN account. I use VPN every day in China and a lot of people I know do the same thing. The price would be around $10 per month, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it (Just think about how much time you would waste on struggling with the Internet otherwise).

Please note that although there’re a number of VPN providers to choose from, not all of them work well in China. Some of them are completely blocked as well. To find out which VPNs work well in China, I’d recommend this website:

It’s a VPN testing site based in China. They test VPN from China and recommend reliable ones to be used in China. Here’s a list of VPNs recommended by VPNDada:

Hi Leona,

When I lived in Beijing I used WiTopia. It was pretty good and they have a 30 days money back policy. So you can subscribe and cancel if you are staying for a short period. Astrill was an alternative and quite popular among the expat community in Beijing. Honestly, I was the only one using WiTopia among my friends there.

PS: you can also drop fb and twitter and use their version renren and weibo heheheheh