How do you work out and stay fit on the road?

Yoga is quite ubiquitous… And drop in classes (and new student specials) are ‘the norm’ vs. monthly/yearly contracts.

I second the suggestions to find a gym, but I would also add that it would probably be helpful to invest in a workout program from a trainer if you don’t already have one. I found that it’s easier to go to the gym while traveling when I have my workout schedule from my trainer back home, so I’m going in with a plan. It’s much easier for me to stay motivated when I’ve got a set workout. There are also several yoga studios throughout London and that would be a nice alternative to the gym some days, too.

Find a gym. In some places, it is easy to find nice housing that has a gym en suite.

Otherwise, I always bring running shoes. Hit the roads in the morning before the traffic starts - it’s a great way to wake up and to see a new city.

I like to have a program with pre-planned daily exercises, doesn’t require any equipment, and can be done indoors. I find anything that deviates from this is hard for me to stick to. is what I’ve been doing this month and it’s been great.


Maybe try some apps that focus on short but intense exercises like HIIT? Lots out there. There’s also other apps for more basic guided workouts - I use Quick 4, Seven and Popsugar Active (for workout videos). I’ve done these in small rooms and it doesn’t require any equipment, just your phone :slight_smile: and I get a serious workout!

Aikido dojo in BKK, Systema classes in Prague, Self organized systema classes in Hanoi, Surf in Bali and hopefully self organized Systema.

+1 to fitness apps like, and YOGA. There are plenty of calisthenics exercises to engage all the muscle groups.

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Usually, I find the nearest gym to my AirBNB or apartment and just negotiate a short-term contract. I aim for 2 - 3 sessions a week combined with lots of walking. I’ll also try to find some form of fitness that’s relevant to the area I’m staying in (i.e Surfing, martial arts, etc).

For eating I just use Foursquare to find good places to eat (Vegan/healthy).

So far this combo has been working great and I’ve managed to keep my weight + strength stable for 7 months :slight_smile:

When we “settle” in a place (usually 2-3 months), I always sign up to a gym. I also travel with resistance bands which are super useful for at-home workouts. I also do a lot of bodyweight & functional training and do yoga everyday with help from YouTube :smile:

I’ve been doing bodyweight exercises following the “recommended routine” from reddit ( three times a week at home and then go for a run on the off days…
You need exactly zero equipment, it’s free and you can do it anywhere. :slight_smile:

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I usually run every other day and work out in the days between. Nothing too extreme. 30 will go a long way. Youtube has tons of great videos, I really like this page: Alot of good workout ideas that don’t require any equipment.

I also use the programs created by Neila Rey on (as mentioned by @yanokwa as well). She has very good programs, and most of it is body weight training, so no equipment needed.

Walk everywhere. Find a park and go jogging/running. Bonus if you find a park that has workout stations for bodyweight exercises.

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I have been training for 10+ years and I am very skeptical of any training that is shorter than 40 min and it’s not repeated at least 3 times per week. I am also not sure what can an app do for you? Full body exercises won’t do either because you can’t really do all the fundamentals you need. The best thing is to find a gym. If you can’t find a gym, you can check sandbag training. Running will be good, swimming will be better though. But you need some type of weight exercise.

Finally, check what you eat! I can keep fit training very little nowadays simply because I eat well and I keep a very simple diet.

I use Black Mountain resistance bands, the deluxe edition…all you need is a door, they are tough and come with a nylon carry case, fits easily into my rucksack. I usually sign up for yoga classes at a local school as well, so I don’t feel like a hermit when I am in writing mode. I recently discovered running on the beach is an enjoyable experience.

Walked into a Golds gym in Surabaya and asked if they did day passes. Scored a free VIP pass!

Over the last few months, I’ve been making a point to only book accommodation with an on-site gym and I’ve incorporated a proper lifting routine back into my every day life.

The small bit of extra hassle when booking accommodation has been absolutely worth it for the overall level of fitness I feel that I’ve achieved.

Go to reddit bodyweightfitness. There is a recommended routine there. Following it pretty much keeps you in great shape (though of course diet is 70% of physique anyways). I follow it and supplement it with gym passes for proper squats/DLs when I can find them, though alot of gyms in asia only have smith machines. Since leaving a sedentry office lifestyle in August have lost 18kg and in lean strong shape, even with the limited access to quality protein i had from my few months in india. @nickdanforth I feel finding bounce plates at accomodation gyms is pretty close to impossible in asia at least, so was wondering what your lifting routine was?

Their is a new app called Gymforless -

They support France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Lots of gyms. You just pay one low price and can pretty use most gyms in the area. I think it is 69 Euro per month or you can buy one off day passes for like 10-20Euro

I do the high interval training course called ‘insanity’. It’s a bit full on, but the point is that you don’t need any gym equipment so it’s perfect if you’re on the move quite a bit and don’t have a regular routine.