How do you work out and stay fit on the road?

Walked into a Golds gym in Surabaya and asked if they did day passes. Scored a free VIP pass!

Over the last few months, I’ve been making a point to only book accommodation with an on-site gym and I’ve incorporated a proper lifting routine back into my every day life.

The small bit of extra hassle when booking accommodation has been absolutely worth it for the overall level of fitness I feel that I’ve achieved.

Go to reddit bodyweightfitness. There is a recommended routine there. Following it pretty much keeps you in great shape (though of course diet is 70% of physique anyways). I follow it and supplement it with gym passes for proper squats/DLs when I can find them, though alot of gyms in asia only have smith machines. Since leaving a sedentry office lifestyle in August have lost 18kg and in lean strong shape, even with the limited access to quality protein i had from my few months in india. @nickdanforth I feel finding bounce plates at accomodation gyms is pretty close to impossible in asia at least, so was wondering what your lifting routine was?

Their is a new app called Gymforless -

They support France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Lots of gyms. You just pay one low price and can pretty use most gyms in the area. I think it is 69 Euro per month or you can buy one off day passes for like 10-20Euro

I do the high interval training course called ‘insanity’. It’s a bit full on, but the point is that you don’t need any gym equipment so it’s perfect if you’re on the move quite a bit and don’t have a regular routine.

I am traveling with my standing desk ecodesk - which has been great.
Disclaimer: I make and sell these now, but believe this may post is relevant to the thread (just delete if not :slightly_smiling: )

I carry with me the TRX Suspension Trainer (home edition), comes with a mesh bag to easily carry everything in. It’s great for strength training and has taken a lot of abuse over the year I have had it. I wish I could travel with my old portable pull-up bar but it would taken up too much space, even broken down. The only draw back with TRX is you need a strong anchor point. I have rented a room a few times in SE Asia where the doors are just too cheap and flimsy to act as a proper anchor to hold my body weight.

Yeah bounce plates aren’t too common. My condo gym in Chiang Mai has them, which is nice, but I’ve just learned to live without on the road.

My routine only utilizes free weights (easy to find in pretty much any gym) and consists of supersets working opposing muscle groups in quick succession.

There are couple of Kickstarters which may be useful here. Or they could be worthless As Seen on TV types.

Check them out here:


Both should be able to fit into bigger checked-in bags.

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For what it’s worth, I own the BodyBoss, and it seems extremely heavy for what it is. I purchased it intending to travel with it, but not so sure it’s the best option. Others who have traveled with it might be able to provide other feedback.

Make a friend and go for runs in the morning before the city wakes up! I found that training for a race was the only way for me to really clock the km’s and distance though. If there’s a city you know you’ll be visiting in a few months see if they have any races and sign up!