How is air quality in Medellin?

What do you think of the pillotion in Medellin Colombia ? I heard it is not as bad if you live in Poblado as it is further up. Is that true?

I was there about a year and a half ago for two and a half months.

I stayed mostly in Poblado.

Air pollution was definitely something I noticed, especially if walking along a street during rush hour. I never thought I would have so much gratitude for a catalytic converter!

That said, it just made taking the gondola out to the national park that much more worth it. Or even going up the hill to one of the open air malls would give you a break from it. It’s definitely there but it’s not as inescapable as it can be in some parts of the world.

Also, at least when I was there, it was only air pollution. They had some of the cleanest streets and sidewalks, there was an obvious effort to try and clean up the city.

Hi Joe,

I stayed in El Pablado for around a week in October, the air was much cleaner on the side streets, but you could notice it on the main roads into the city centre. Plenty of great coffee shops and restaurants with air conditioning to escape the pollution though.


Hi Joe,
We were in Medellin, in Poblado, for Dec & Jan. We definitely noticed the pollution, but it didn’t bother us physically (we’re in good health, without asthma or other issues). That said, it’s not nice to think your lungs are having to filter the cloud you see. It’s true that it’s better higher up the valley side in Poblado, but also further south.
Here’s some really good info, stats & resources in a May 2017 post, with comments from people living there:

Thank you so much for the great info!