How is Bansko, Bulgaria?

I see that there are a whopping 200 nomads in Bansko, Bulgaria. I’m in Sofia, but aside from Bansko being cheap, I get the feeling that it’s a retirement centre in the summer time. I saw a few Youtube vids but it looks dead. What’s the draw to Bansko right now? Is there nightlife, or is it just a place to go hiking? Are there decent work cafe’s? Is it a decent place for singles?

Since it’s a hotspot I’d love to see some reviews on the page.


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Yeah, you either hike, go to the spa, or just save money. Nothing else left to do, during the summer.

Hmm, sounds boooooooring. Why are 200 nomads there? Because it’s easy to find an apartment for $150?

It’s mostly REALLy cheap to live, and in the winter it’s good for skiing etc. The 200 number is extrapolated from the 8 people checked in on Nomad List, so not necessarily completely accurate. But it is exceptional that there’s 8 people from Nomad List in a place like Bansko. I wonder why too!

It’s a mega cheap place, that’s why. It’s probably on a par with Thailand for costs.

If you want to hunker down and just work, then it’s a good place! There is 24/7 coworking and a good community of people there. I was there in September and it was a lot of fun. As it’s a small community you do end up doing lots of things together as everyone is in the same boat.

That said, the nightlife is basically a couple of ok bars and it’s not a place to jump on Tinder. Good for working, not a party town basically.

I tell you why, a friend Matthias is running a coliving space there called Coworking Bansko, and as they’ll throw a big party next year, the nomad scene is growing there. That’s actually when I’m gonna see the place for the first time, and I can give you my official review :smiley:

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