How is Bari, Italy for digital nomads?

Does anyone have experience in Bari, Italy please? We are thinking of going from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Bari by boat in mid-March. Has anyone taken a boat across? Is it nice or can it be choppy? (We are trying to avoid planes, to reduce our carbon footprint, so adding more surface travel.) Also, any info you might be able to offer about Bari and the surrounds? Next step will likely be trains up Italy as the Spring progresses.

Hello, I’m originally from Terlizzi (30km nord of Bari) but I’ve been studying in Bari since I was 11. I think traveling by boat can be nice, depending on the type of boat you take. I didn’t travel to Croatia by boat, but I did go to Albania by boat overnight and it definitely wasn’t a luxury experience but it was ok.

Bari is nice but is pretty big, make sure to stay in the center and you’ll be fine. Of course, food will be great. Make sure to taste some focaccia, pasta and more. You can visit the cathedral, N’ dèrr’a la lanze among other things. You can work at HubBari, which is a coworking space. Bari is the main city for the region (Puglia) and it probably has everything you can think of.

You can move in Apulia by train pretty easily. If you go south you will encounter the best sea. Lecce is one of Italy’s most Baroque beautiful towns. Make sure to visit Polignano as it has some of the beautiful sea views you will see.

If you move north, come visit me :stuck_out_tongue: No, but aside from jokes, there are plenty of cities you can visit north, too. If you are into castles there’s Castel del Monte which is beautiful. Cities are beautiful, they go all the way up to Gravina, which is near Matera. Matera is on another region but has been named European Capital Of Culture for 2019 and it’s beautiful, too.

Look, I’m biased but everything is beautiful in Italy. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Mike! That’s a lot of helpful info.

The ship is a fairly old fumy one and off season isn’t very full so doubt would improve carbon emissions versus a flight (especially on an efficient modern airliner when full). I’ve done the night trip in that direction, it’s okay although the chairs are not ideal. It’ll probably be calm but you can always look at the wind forecast nearer the time, nothing compared to the Irish sea. It’s certainly not a quick option versus flying (but is versus taking busses/trains around and through Slovenia). Somewhat amusing if you don’t mind a bit of inconvenience and like to mix things up :wink: I’d give attempting to use the shower a miss though.

For anyone going the other way from Bari, be warned the ticket office is miles from the port and you have to visit it for your boarding pass which you can’t print (but there’s a shuttle bus I gather). From Dubrovnik the office is on the road right next to the port’s customs and immigration check (some distance from the old town).

There’s a (slightly) faster ferry from Split.

From Bari, and as already mentioned, do take the train or bus inland to Matera, where there’s also a coliving (casa netural).

Unless you’re travelling slowly, for some routes in Italy, coaches (e.g. Flixbus) are easier and faster especially coast to coast.

Hi @mikerubini, any idea of what the internet is like in Puglia?

Sure, internet is generally good enough via cable. At home I have probably the worse wifi you can get but I still get 20MB in download. Upload is not good :stuck_out_tongue: But there are plenty of providers that are better than the one I use, and we also recently got fiber in a lot of cities which will give you up to 100gb in download and a good upload.

Don’t expect to find internet at coffee places or restaurants as much.

As for mobile, the best carriers are Vodafone and Tim which are a bit more expensive I would say, but there are new carriers in the market like Iliad that are cheaper. All carriers offer 4g.

Generally, you’ll be fine =)

No need to say sorry - it’s true, everything IS beautiful in Italy!

I went to Bari last year and loved Apuglia. I stayed 5 days in Lecce and 4 in Bari. I visited Polignano, Alberobello and Trani. It was great.

I’m a huge fan of Italy and have visited many places now - Rome (6 times), Napoli (twice), Venice, Trieste, Modena, Bologna, Genova, Torino, Sorrento (6 times), Capri (4 times), Montepulciano, Firenze, Sienna and also Ragusa and Palermo in Sicily. As you can see, I’m absolutely OBSESSED with the place!

My plan is to go back next year and spend a couple of months learning Italian and then exploring further. I know a little Italian but not enough and so I get frustrated. I hope to then do a train journey up or down the country. Your post has given me a few more places to look at as I love castles (and amphitheatres).

Grazie mille!

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And you’ve never been in Marche and Umbria, probably my two favourite regions, shame on you :laughing: (I’m from Marche so I could be a bit biased about it…)