How is Budapest for digital nomads?

Hey guys!
I’ve recently moved to Budapest for a couple of months (until May), so I’m wondering if there are any nomads out here too? Would love to hear about all the tips & tricks from this amazing city :smile:


I’m originally from Budapest, although my main base is not there now. I’ll be there between 24th March - 1st April though, so if you want to meet up, let me know!

With regards to tips and tricks:

  • kubik is an awesome coworking space:, and they have a bilingual blog at This is where I do my work while in Hungary
  • coffee places I like: (the café bit. haven’t been to the bar), serves awesome nitrogen coffee
  • in the spring the best places to just loiter around are Hero’s square (and the museums both side of that), Andrássy street (that connects Hero’s Square with Deák square), Oktogon (has lots of bars / cafés, along Andrássy), Ráday street (again, bars and pubs and cafés, get off at Kálvin tér metro station (blue line)), Erzsébet square (it’s essentially Deák square) and Szent István square (a short walk from Erzsébet sqaure).
  • do check out the café inside Alexandra, which is a huge book shop along Andrássy street (between Oktogon and Deák tér).

Public transportation is mostly okay, but be prepared for on the spot checks. If you’re going to travel lots, a monthly pass is probably the best idea.

If you have any more questions, let me know :smile:


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We also have a Facebook group where you can ask anything and gathering the most important things in a pinned document!

Many thanks! I’m here until the end of May so let’s meet up when you’re back :smile:
Where are you in the World right now?

Hey Zsolt :smile:
Just joined the group - thanks!!!


I’m in the UK where I am most of the time. :slight_smile: Will get in touch with you through Slack / Fb group when there!


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Make sure you spend as much time in the thermal baths as possible. I definitely did not take sufficient advantage of them when I lived there.

I went to the famous Szecheny in the city park, which is a really cool spot. Lots of tourists go there, but so do the locals because it’s awesome. For the smaller, more local experience, I’d go to Lukas just on the Buda side of the Elizabeth Hid.

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Ha! I went there yesterday :slight_smile: and you are right, I think I’ll make it a weekly appointment! Discovering a new one every time…

I got caught by the rendorszeg without my ticket and was given the maximum penalty (it wasnt really much). ALWAYS CARRY YOUR DAMN TICKET!

Go to cinetrip, a party inside the Roman baths :slight_smile:

Yup. Hence “be prepared for on the spot checks”.

Thoughts on Budapest for digital nomads?