How is Cape Town for digital nomads?

haha - you’re right when you say you will not want to leave. My 2 weeks in a guesthouse in sea Point turned out to be 3 years! And before that, I had been to Cape Town for 1 night and stayed for 4-5years!!! AWESOME PLACE and way cheaper than Mauritius.

Hi @Mari_travels are you in Cape town already? I live in Green Point which is very safe and walking distance from the beautiful Sea Point promenade that stretches over the oceanfront. Filled with coffee shops and lovely places to stay. The rent is expensive. If you need a workspace my place is available. I don’t find my internet speed that bad. It is not as fast as when I was in Zurich, but hey…this is the southern hemisphere and it’s an awesome life here in CPT.

Sounds great, @lachicnomad. Just wish the minimum speeds were >10Mbps, I’ve always had connectivity and quality issues with my students on Skype with speeds below that.

I need THOSE speeds, @travelingpm, ha!

Hi everyone!
I arrived in Cape Town last week, and so far I LOVE this city and country :smiley:
Im renting an apartment in Green Point, which seems very well located. (We booked it with “”, and everything was ok)

I wish I could stay longer, but sadly my BF can only stay for 1 month (the different visas regulations make it so hard for intercontinental nomad couples!) so after 4 weeks we are moving to Mauritius.

@lachicnomad I would love to hang out with other DN around here, so send me a message if you want to go for coffe or something.

Saludos :wink:

I hear that @Mari_travels, my girl and I planned everything around her visa restrictions as a Brazilian, pain in the a$$. In Europe it’s not so bad though with so many options close by.

True @juan, Europe’s size and their low cost flights helps a lot. Africa is not that easy, though :S

The crazy thing is that I (from Latin America) can actually stay 3 months in SA, but my bf (from European Union - Poland) can only stay 1. No idea how they decided on that XD

As a South African I can attempt to answer that; Maybe it is because most Latin American countries allow us to stay for 3 months (or more) visa free, whereas European countries give us a lot of hassle. I would guess that it is a game of tit for tat.

Yeah, they use reciprocity in Brazil too, which is why things got complicated when they dropped the 6-month limit for Spaniards to 3 months after Spain did the same.

@jerriep that makes sense! Im happy to know that my country welcomes South Africans, too :slight_smile:

Oh my! Mauritius is my home island!!! And CPT my second home. Sorry I only saw your message now as I got no notifications. Are you still around? I live in Green Point too, not far from Giovanni’s Deli. I’m on Twitter under the same name (@lachicnomad). Lost my phone (fell in water).

Just to make all nomads aware we have three flexible work habitat locations in Cape Town with an average internet user speed of 20mb per second up and down, uncapped. Great locations include Woodstock, Sea Point and the city itself. Desk space and private office space available. I would like to know how we can constantly improve our habitats to make sure all digital nomads are catered for while visiting Cape Town.
Best to check out our website at or contact me directly. Greg Beadle

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Alas, Canal Walk’s magical wifi was a temporary deal to promote MWEB (a local ISP) and it is definitely no longer nearly as awesome. Us locals were heartbroken when it went!

But the Exclusive Books Café is open again! They went from outsourcing all their coffee shops nationally to in-housing them one by one. Food and coffee quality at the moment is variable, but it’s usually acceptable, and with the new decor the bookstore is pretty nice. Still, now that the mall wifi is no longer magical, this would be a fairly random place to choose to work unless you have to be in the area.

Fibre rollout is slowly but surely happening, we’re all hoping that changes the playing field.

@yanokwa and I are in Cape Town now and are loving it! We found a place in Woodstock in Airbnb and although it’s not cheap, it’s really nice and has reliable uncapped Internet. It’s not super fast (3 Mbps down, 1 up) but it’s good enough for our developer needs. We also really like working out of Field Office. Same deal - the connection is reliable but not very fast. Vodacom 4G is about 20 Mbps down, 6 Mbps up in a good spot (our house) at 150R for 1G. There’s a lot to do in the city and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommended!

EDIT: We’ve been working out of Spin Street House (previously Twenty Fifty) for a few weeks. It’s not a super social space but it’s very productive.

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