How is Croatia as a destination for digital nomads?

I’m thinking of spending August-October in Europe; Berlin was a strong contender, but I’m hearing good stuff about Zagreb. Anyone have any experiences (good or bad) to share?

I’m curious about the same. My ancestry is there and my girlfriend needs to get out of the Schengen Zone by mid-May (we’re currently in Barcelona), so it’s on my short list. My main concern is internet, as I do a lot of Skype video calls for work.

Internet is fine in Zagreb :slight_smile:

I was born in Croatia – not Zagreb but I lived there for 7 years as well so it’s a bit hard to see things from the outside :slight_smile:

Internet is decent, and free Wi-Fi is everywhere (in Zagreb; not so much in smaller cities). You won’t be getting 100mbit connections (they’re available but few people have them), but for Skype video it should be ok.

If you’re coming in August or September, I’d definitely recommend going to the coast. It’s not that far and in summer months it has a lot more to offer than Zagreb, though of course it all depends on what you’re looking for.

In general, I’d say the most interesting things in Croatia are of the nature kind - there are 7 national parks, the coast is beautiful and there are things to see in the mountain parts of the country as well.

I don’t party much so I can’t tell you how it compares there :slight_smile:

The country is quite small so regardless of where you spend most of your time, if you’re going to have more than a couple of weeks I think it makes most sense to travel around. It’s quite diverse and an hour long drive can get you to a totally different environment (i.e. from frozen mountain lakes to sunny coast).

I spent a few weeks in Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik, Hvar, Vis, and Split. Other than Vis, internet was pretty easy to find at internet cafes without having to pay too much. Decent for a bit of work and some Skype calls.

Bear in mind that in the offpeak season, there’s less to do and fewer places open on the islands.

Croatia is by far one of the best places I’ve ever spent a summer.

I will say there was much alcohol to be had, and many boat trips around some truly pristine islands. It wasn’t too…educational, but when I went back to do a more historical tour of Croatia it was incredible how much history is there.

YOU MUST check out

  1. Hvar (party island)
  2. Dubrovnik (Do not stay more than 2 days)
  3. Pag (an island…of party)
  4. Do a day trip to sarajevo (it’s a 4 hour drive from split.) it’s in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is by far one of the most beautiful (in more ways than one) cities I have ever experienced in my life.

I’ve been there this year and it’s a wonderful city, full of life and good vibe. But I think 2 days are enough for visiting it. It’s not the big. The south of Croatia is amazing, Split, Rijeka and all the south coast… The Lakes are also a must see.
You can find a lot of cafés with wi-fi, it’s everywhere. It’s also cheap to eat and sleep there.

I’m from Portugal, and Croatia and Italy are the bestr european countries I’ve been so far. :smile:

Spent a month in Zagreb and a few weeks in Split.


  • Mundoaka Street Food! Amazing.
  • Cheap beer. (Cheap everything!)
  • Everyone speaks English and seems friendly.
  • Zagreb has a lovely town center.
  • Zagreb feels very alive — young people everywhere, in large numbers.
  • Split has an incredible old town and a beautiful seaside, as well as easy access to nearby islands (though I have not been).


  • Croatians seem to really not like Croatia. Nobody seems to have much hope for the future.
  • Parts feel a little run down or neglected.

I had no preconceptions going into Croatia but it really made me feel at home.

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Sold! Zagreb is booked for May 15th and I’m currently trying to sort out accommodation through AirBnB, anyone have any recommendations/links to places they’ve stayed at there?

It’s always entertaining to see how foreigners see your city :smiley:

Anyway, just wanted to say if anyone is planing to come to Zagreb, you can drop me a question or two and I’ll try to help! I also offer accommodation via airbnb (lollipop apartment), I believe someone here asked…

Internet is ok - most of the times you get 4Mb/s and it’s true, more and more places provide free wi fi.

I’m on Bali currently. Everybody warned me internet is terrible on Bali, but so far it’s not much different than Zagreb (and I’m not in Ubud)… A bit slower for download, but upload is even better than back home :smiley:

So we arrived in Zagreb today and the internet is a lot slower at our apartment than promised (<1mbps), does anyone know what the fastest provider/service is locally?

T-com owns all the infrastructure, so they’re the safest bet. In my experience 3G/H (SIM) is plenty fast, and you can have 4G if you wish to pay extra. Also, someone should call the provider to fix the current connection, it shouldn’t be that slow.

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Thanks Matej! That’s really useful info, I’ll get on it today.

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I’ve spent 1 month in Zagreb during summer 2012. A lot of local people were saying surprised that we are going to stay in the city for more than 2 days. Everyone suggested to got to the seaside. Seaside IS amazing (Zadar, Kornati, Split, Dubrovnik) - but you know I really like Zagreb a lot. It’s amazing underestimated city. It’s much more comfortable than touristy seaside if you are doing slow travel. There are a lot of things to do in Zagreb, even in summer when some places might be closed.

Loving it so far! If they could just hurry up fixing the internet. The cost of living is cheap, you can walk everywhere and there’s a lot of cool bars, cafés and restaurants to check out.

Hey @juan, I’ll be heading there later this summer, this thread has me excited.
Would you mind sharing some ballpark figures regarding cost of living you’ve experienced so far? Did you end up using airbnb?

We did @theunis, the place we’re in now is really lovely just uphill from Jelacic square, couldn’t ask for a better location. If you stay longer you can negotiate more, but for our 1-month stays we’re paying 750euro and 650 euro, respectively. It’s significantly more than staying long-term, but still relatively cheap IMO.

Here are the two places, and a third that we viewed and would’ve stayed in if the first two hadn’t worked out. All are well-located, have >4mbps and have plenty to do close by:




Hope that helps, if you’re here before August 15th let us know :smile:

Ah that’s great, thanks for sharing!
Will definitely get in touch if I am

Looks like an old thread, but wondering if anyone has used an island as their base for an extended period, and how that worked out, in terms of Internet and enough services, cafes, etc? I’m planning to be in Croatia for maybe a month or so in September and have grown weary of bigger cities and crowds lately. Looking for something a little more chill and bohemian would be great, if that exists in Croatia - without being super isolated.

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Also interested in hearing about pretty much exactly the same!