How is Funchal, Portugal for nomads?

Has anyone here spent some time in Funchal and can recommend things to do? Some more local places to eat, drink or hang out? Some (alternative) cultural happenings, live music etc.? Thanks for any infos!

Also, if anyone is here and wants to meet up, drop me a line…

I lived in Funchal for 9 months, did part of my Master’s there.

• I loved the Pico do Areeiro - Pico Ruivo hike.
• The laurissilva forest is dreamy.
• The Madeira Film Festival is beautiful and affordable.
• Punta de São Lorenço is gorgeous, check out the sunset there.
• Ponta do Sol. A charming town.
• Don’t miss the Carnaval in February and the Festa da Flor in May!
• Barreirinha Bar Cafe is a nice spot for mojitos in Funchal…
• but my favorite spot on the island (also with good cocktails) is Maktub in Paul do Mar.

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