How is Malaga in Spain for digital nomads?

Has anyone been to Malaga before and if so, anything to recommend? I’m thinking of staying put there for December + January and then probably move on to Las Palma’s or Barcelona for a month. Maybe go to Asia again but we’ll see what happens.

I’m looking for a nice place to stay, moderately cheap. Heard a place is quite easy to find for around 300-400 euro’s, but can anyone confirm this?

i lived there last january and february. it was completely dead. i wish i’d stayed in seville instead.

rly? damn, haha, well i’m off there with some friends. Not sure how long I’ll stay. So what made you really like Seville?

more culture, better food, better bars, actual night life, nicer city, more to do…

My really good friend was there for most of last year. He didn’t meet any nomads. Not that he was really trying. But it sounded like a bunch of tourist.

And the ‘laid back/slow’ culture is super common there. He basically said “don’t go there.”

I’m in Barcelona now… And I love it!

I’m thinking of staying longer than anticipated.

And you can get down to Malaga if you want, really easy. I think BCN is a good base. But it depends on what you want. The amenities of the city are more important to me than everyday access to something like KiteSurfing (not sure if they have this in Malaga, but that would be the reason I go to some place like that).

Yeah, Barcelona is great, I haven’t found anybody yet who didn’t enjoy it.

Sevilla is also good. And a bit cheaper than Bcn, I think

personally i’m not a fan of barcelona. I like it, but I wouldn’t want to live there. There are so many other cities that are better in Spain, IMO. For me, Barcelona just has WAAAAAYYYYY too much of a tourist base.

I’ve been using Barca as a base for the past 5 months, popping backwards and forwards. It is touristy but there’s still a great vibe. I’m enjoying rural Catalonia at present.

Just to echo what has already been said, Malaga boring, Barcelona touristy/expensive, Seville just right! They have fast cable connections too.

Whereabouts? Am currently just outside BCN and loving it; can always get my dose of the city on FGC for €2 anyway…

I’m currently staying with a family outside of Girona, how about you??

Ooh Girona. Next time in Catalunya I think I’ll head that way - am north-west just by Molins De Rei - about 60 minutes to centre of the city. Any particular advice for Girona out of interest?

Hey - Was thinking of spending Jan to March in Tarifa - do you think it would be a similar vibe (ie. dead…) then and do you have any reccomendations for Spanish places for that time of year? Cheers

I haven’t been to tarifa, so I can’t comment, sorry. Personally I am planning to base myself out of Seville this January when I’m in spain. I really enjoyed it when I was there last February.

To those who’ve been staying in BCN “longer than anticipated” – there are in fact quite a few of you and the phenomenon is now on the mainstream media radar.

If you can read Spanish, check out this article in yesterday’s La Vanguardia:

Barcelona se convierte en uno de los destinos favoritos de los nómadas digitales

I was able to translate enough to get the gist, thank you for posting!

I’ve spent the past two months travelling through Andalusia. I only spent a week in Tarifa but loved it and easily met a nice nomad bunch. At this time of year it will be relaxed and I intend to head back sometime in Feb. However, for people used to the city it is small.

I left Tarifa a week ago after 10 days or so. I wouldn’t call it “dead”, at least not by comparison to similarly sized spanish (small) towns. But it has the “surfing crowd” factor for it, which means that for such a small place there is an astonishing amount of modern looking cafes, hostels etc. I believe anywhere in the world, where there are surfers, there are good cafes. Also it has kilometers of nice beach (most of the rest of the coast between there and Italy is often private or heavily built up), so the surrounding area feels quite natural. And if you need a dose of city, there’s Cádiz to the north and Gibraltar to the east (Gib even has a big Morrison’s supermarket for british products).
One thing to keep in mind is the siesta, which means that even the nice cafes like Bossa or Azul will close between 2 and 6pm, so at that time, Tarifa really is dead. It is also a passing-through place for people going to Morocco (the ferry leaves from the center of town), so that adds to some internationality as well.

I’m with wanderingdev on this one. Malaga was pretty meh to me and I didn’t love the surrounding area (with one exception - Frigiliana in the mountains is super pretty!). I’m also not a Barcelona fan. I preferred Seville and Toledo - Seville for the charm and the food; Toledo for the scenery.

Me! I’ve been to Barcelona a bunch of times and never enjoyed the city at all.

I’m heading to Tarifa for at least a month in a couple of days, and a few other nomads I know are heading that way too. It’s supposed to pick up after Christmas. Let me know if you make it!