How is Merida, Mexico as a digital nomad destination?

Hey guys.

I’m thinking of heading to Merida for 2-4 months to see if I like it, and would love to hear from people who live there or have visited for significant periods of time.

How much would it cost to get an apartment with internet per month? Nothing fancy, but not a disgusting place either.

How is the internet speed?

How is public transportation? Can you get around easily by bike, including to grocery stores?

Is a car required? I could drive down from Texas, I suppose.

How do you like living there?

Hi Rustic!

Sorry about that, the coworking space price was wrongly interpreted as USD instead MXN.

I fixed it now

Merida is awesome. You could not pay me to ride a bike pretty much in any city in Mexico. Mexican drivers are nuts! Public transport is good and taxis are cheap. I lived in Mexico for 4 years sans car so it’s easily doable. Internet is fast and profilic (in the Yucatan, every public park has free wifi and most have places to plug in and charge while you sit on your device). Most restaurants have it with a password, just ask.

My apartment without internet was $300/month in the centro. It was annoying but also a good excuse to get out and go to the part or a new restaurant/cafe. I also rented a casita with internet but only a hammock to sleep in and a pool to stand in while working (because it was so fecking hot and many places have no AC) and it was $250 on the outskirts of the city in the direction of Motul.

I liked Merida but parts of it are pretty gringo. It’s a huge retirement/medical hub. It also got WAY too hot for me and very humid. I personally don’t go there from late March - late August. There are also lots of mozzies which I loathe. I prefer the mountains where there are no mozzies and the weather is nice year round.

But if you don’t mind the heat, Merida is great. :slight_smile:

Thank you, wandering dev.

If you go when it’s hot, Altabrisa mall has free wifi, aircon, and first run english movies for just a few $$. I used to spend a LOT of time there when I’d get stuck in Merida when it was hot. Costs about $.50 to take the bus from the centro to anywhere in Merida.

Hey, if you are now or coming to Mérida… please say hi to [email protected] i can connect you with the startup ecosystem there and with many geeks and people to love tech and travel!

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I’m here now and it’s awesome!

It’s super safe and cheap to live. I spent like $40 a week on eating out and groceries, it’s great! You can also find some really affordable places via airbnb and if you’re up for it there are some REALLY nice houses here for not very much. Agreed with wanderingdev though, it’s starting to get really hot and I was told it will only get hotter until like July. If you’ve got aircon it fine though. Oh and there’s a Walmart, so you know, life is good.

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