How is the Internet in Guatemala and Nicaragua?

Hi! I am looking to slow travel Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Managua, Granada, Ometepe and then on to Liberia area in Costa Rica. Does anyone have experience with the internet in these places? I have to do Skype consults during the week and really need reliable internet.
Thanks for any help

The internet via normal cell, when not on wifi, was basically non-existent when I was in Liberia. Saying that, almost all cafes have wifi.
Not sure if that is typical, or just the case for my own cell network, I have a Google pixel on Googles cell network here in the US and it’s pretty bad here too if not on wifi…

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I also have a Pixel and use Google Fi and have great service usually in Nicaragua and Liberia. Like previously mentioned, most cafe’s offer wifi. I’ve done video meetings at restaurants in fairly rural Nicaragua before. I can’t speak for Guatemala as I’ve never been but it should be fine.


On Lake Atitlan the wifi is somewhat inconsistent. I arrived there in San Marcos in early December just before tourist season kicked up. I share my screen for my work often, and at first this was going smoothly, but as more tourists arrived and began using the internet, speeds slowed to a crawl. I left soon after this to avoid impacts to my work. In the rainy season, there are power cuts that can last days. With a backup generator in the off season you could be ok, but I would not call the internet reliable, and it could become a source of stress. Hope this helps.