How is the quality of wifi & 3G in Amed, Bali?

Hi all!

I am considering going for 1+ month in Amed (to get more into freediving).

I need to be able to make Skype calls & other work-related tasks. I need a speed equivalent to one allowing me to watch Youtube videos.

Ubud is way more connected in comparison, so I don’t expect anything wonderful.

Wondering if anyone has done this before & if yes: what 3G
provider they used, or what cafe/restaurant/hotel had a good/reliable
enough wifi connection.

Note that I went to Amed last year & the 3G connection on the 2 providers I used at the time was terrible. That’s why I’m asking for help.

Thanks in advance!

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My impression from internet in Amed from 12 months ago:
No 4G (3G only). didn’t do to many speed tests. I estimate, that average speed was 3-5 Mbit/s (for Wifi and 3G)
Skype should be possible, but in the end most Wifi around Amed is inconsistent.
So it might work the first day, but have issues the second day.

I am also into freediving and I am going to Phuket for Dec/Jan instead of Bali exactly for the reason of sloppy internet in Bali.
Send me a DM, maybe Phuket is an interesting alternative for you :wink:

Hi @adrienbe try to use AndroMax Smartfren or SIMPATI provider,
normally that works.

Big changes to 4g coverage in the last year. Been a while since I was as far north as Amed, but I’m almost always on 4g these days in Ubud/South. Biznet is also currently laying fibre cable all around the perimeter of the island (ie. through Amed), so eventually there will be very good internet (I’m on a 100mb connection here in Ubud; 30mbps up/down in reality).