How is the safety in Bangkok after the bomb attack of August 2015?

Hey everyone, I haven’t actually set out into the digital nomad lifestyle yet, but plan to within this year. Bangkok is (was) a place that I was looking into very deeply as my first location to go.

But today a bomb went off near the centre of the city:

This scares me massively, and worries me to ever travel there… after this event would you still recommend going to Bangkok?

I hope everyone who is in Bangkok that is apart of this forum is okay, I’m pretty sure I read that 6 foreigners died in the blast… RIP to all the souls who were lost.

Six people died (sad) and 10x, at least, died in the last week on motorcycles, and that will continue to continue until you arrive.

Humans are terrible at statistics. This is why terrorism as a tactic is so effective. You’re 100x more likely to die in a car accident and get hit by lightning, and 100x more likely to get hit by lightning than be close enough to a terrorist attack to count as being a “witness”, and probably 100x more likely to witness a terrorist attack than be killed by one.

Avoid visible unrest (protests, riots) and sketchy parts of town (in every city you’re in) and you are almost guaranteed to never have a violent interaction with someone else.

I’ll be in BKK sometime next year. Maybe see you there?

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I’d like to echo Josh’s answer. There are about 25m tourists per year in Thailand, so your chance of being killed in a terrorist attack is about 1 in a million (this year), or somewhat similar as your chance of dying in a plane accident on the way there.

As Josh also suggested, it’s generally sensible to avoid crowds and the most obvious targets (holy sites, dodgy clubs, skyscrapers), but even if you don’t, chances are you’ll be fine. Your coworking space or local restaurant are unlikely to be attacked.

There’ve been attacks in Tunisia, Italy, India, Bali, Oklahoma, New York - would you suggest that everyone leave those places?