How is the weather in SE Asia from July to September (Q3)?

I was wondering why SE Asia locations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ho Chi Minh City are recommended to visit in Q3 when they tend not to have much sunshine during these months. In Ho Chi Minh City, for example, there’s an 89% chance of rain and only 4% chance of a sunny day in July ( Thanks!

Go to Bali :wink: The weather is perfect from june to late september.

It’s the peak of rainy season, but there will always be sunny days and rains are occasional. It’s actually the time of the year where the views of the plants and farmlands are at their best.

I live in Bangkok but every summer i have to run away, its so humid and hot - you can only survive if you don’t leave your house :slight_smile:
Its not raining 24/7 but humidity is so high and i would recommend you to skip it if you can!

I’ve spent 3 summers in Hoch now.

I don’t think the weather will be a huge factor then.

Yes, we will get some rains. Mostly, every few days or so, it will rain at 3PM for 30 to 60 minutes. Then just stop.

It can get humid, but I don’t find it that bad. I adjust my schedule accordingly and tend to go out at night versus peak sun.

As we get into September, it will rain with more frequency - mid-September it increases - and October and November it’s full on, but even then - not India monsoon non-stop rains everyday.

Hope that helps.


I am stuck with the same choice!

Heading to SE Asia the end of May through to September and I have no idea where to begin.

Chang Mai - Hot and Hazy

Koh Lanta - I keep thinking of storms

Hoch - I will look into this further, thanks Jon Myers.

Philippe pointed out Bali has great weather July-sept…According to TripAdvisor, “May, June and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali in terms of the weather.”

Thanks Scott,

I will look at Bali but I am concerned about the Internet speed for my type of work.

Check out this site:

Thanks Patrick, this site is pretty good

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I am currently in Koh Lanta, Southern Thailand. Currently the weather is great although there are less and less tourists coming to the island (which is great- accommodation prices drop and its just a much more relaxed atmosphere than it was in February!). This is my first “green” season in Koh Lanta, but talking from previous experience in SE Asia, “the monsoon season” usually mean rain showers in the evenings, although it sometimes rain for a few days. This is great tho, the air is cooler and fresh and gives you the opportunity to stay focused with work. People I have talked to really like it here during the green season, I guess the best thing to do is to come and experience it for yourself :slight_smile: This website have some great info about the island and the activities

With a bit of planning you can get 10MB or more in Bali.