How long does a non-resident Canadian Citizen need to stay out of Canada to maintain non-resident status, per year?

Hey fellow nomads. I have an interesting situation.

I’m a Canadian Citizen who’s been a resident of the United States for the last 12 years (work VISA). I incorporated my LLC in Hong Kong and have been a nomad for about 6 months.

I just spoke to my Accountant and he says that I will only have to pay taxes to HK, because I’m not a resident of either US or CAN. That’s amazing news as both places suck for taxes.

I’m currently in Colombia but I spent the first 2 months of this year in Canada—I want to make sure I stay out of Canada long enough to remain a non-resident.

Does anyone know what that amount of time is?

Can’t give you advice about Canada, but for the HK taxes …if you are non resident in HK then you will pay no personal or business taxes other than renewal fees. Get a local HK tax person to do your taxes returns/business license renewal in HK and make sure you are legal for another year.