How much Data are you using per month?


I am trying to figure out three things. An average of how much data everyone uses per month, a low end of how little data is used, and a high end of how much data can be used? I am not interested in your methods of acquiring data. I am just interested in how much you use as a whole. This includes both work data usage and your personal data usage.


Very generic question. I’ve used between 3GB and 20GB, depending on what you do, but I know you’re not interested in those details. :wink:


At home (our wifi) monthly cap is 300gb, but we (a family of 4) only use about 230gb /m on average - this includes our Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, etc.
Left over data gets carried over to the next month.

I rarely buy mobile data.


It depends on the work you are doing and amount of time spent online for entertainment like Netflix, Hulu etc.
On an average, I use about 1.8-2.2 GB data every day.