How safe is Macedonia for a woman travelling alone?

I’m looking for a place to spend a month from late July onwards and have found a few decent priced apartments in Skopje, Macedonia. I love the idea of Macedonia and the city sounds great. But I’ve read mixed reviews about safety, and note Nomad List marks it as OK for safety and bad for female friendly.

As a female travelling alone I’d be really interested to hear if others have any experience of the area. Or any alternative suggestions for Eastern Europe.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


I don’t know about Macedonia but for other places in Eastern Europe: I loved southern Albania (stayed in Sarande) and really enjoyed Romania (was in Bucharest) and I felt perfectly fine in both places.

I did get ripped off a few times from taxis in Romania but that felt more like a tourist thing than a woman thing.

I travelled with another girl in the area, including Skopje and Ohrid in Macedonia, and never had any issues with safety - for Macedonia, I prefer Ohrid to Skopje, though it is quite touristy. I generally found that there was more life in the evenings in Ohrid, which made me feel completely safe.

I loved Bosnia - maybe consider Sarajevo? Coastal Montenegro is also lovely, though I imagine accommodation gets pricey over the summer.

To be honest, I found Skopje boring and Macedonia in general is my least favorite country in the Balkans. In terms of safety its totally fine though.
I loved traveling in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, I’d say Belgrade is a much better place to stay semi long term, Tivat in Montenegro if you like coastal but not too crowded places.

Hey ladies,

Thanks for your replies! This was a case of leaving it really late to book a place over summer for a couple of months in my price range. I decided against Macedonia in the end because I found a beautiful place in Maribor, Slovenia for a couple of months.

I would love to visit Macedonia one day, and also Sarajevo is high on my list…

Thanks again!