How to arrange prescription medication abroad (for example Thailand / SEA)

Normally, when I go abroad for a longer period of time, I try to take as much medication with me from my home country as I can for that period. Which so far has worked well for me.

But if I’m going to be a full-time nomad that won’t work anymore. Mainly because I’ll then unregister from my country. Which has some downsides like not being able to have my current health insurance anymore. Other health insurance companies won’t cover existing conditions, so I’ll have to buy my medication “over the counter”.

But since I need some medication which in The Netherlands (and I assume other countries) is only available on a doctors prescription. I was curious how people here arrange that (if there are any in the same boat as me).

The main medication I think would be hardest for me (and most expensive) to get is Epoetin-Alpha (Aranesp) injections.

Since there’s not really a ‘world wide standarized’ doctor prescription form, how do you get the medication abroad? Do you have a checkup there again at a local clinic before you can get the medication? (That would probably add to the cost too).

in vietnam if someone makes it then you can get it - not sure if the same in thailand. basically i’m saying the state doesn’t get involved when it comes to prescription meds. it’s simply a market-based economy. if you can reach someone in country they can just wander down to the local shop and see if they can get it. yes doctors in vn prescribe things, but it isn’t like in au/nz/us where a doctor needs to write on a piece of paper to authorise you getting it, you simply need to know what you want so you can then go and actually purchase it.

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