How to balance enjoyment and productivity?

It’s interesting to me that this hasn’t been asked already, as this is the biggest conflict for me in my nomadic lifestyle. Essentially, it boils down to: How can I make the most of being in a place, but not let that detract from my progress in my work?

For example: I just finished a short trip to Taiwan where I gave myself the restriction of only working a maximum of 4 hours per day, as I wanted to make the most of time there but not completely neglect my ongoing projects. But this is probably not feasible in the long term… or is it?

So I ask you my fellow nomads: what kind of setups have you devised/rules imposed in your own lifestyle to achieve the balance between enjoyment and productivity?

P.S. let’s assume that in this situation, being a nomad is economically more feasible than settling somewhere. That way, being in a foreign place is a mandatory part of the equation. If the question were simply, how can one make the most effective career progress, the answer would most likely be: “sit your ass down in one place and get to work.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ironically what might work best for nomads, is what works best for most people: weekends. Strictly don’t work on Saturday, Sunday and maybe even Friday. And schedule activities like trips for those days.

Personally it doesn’t work for me, all my life I’ve liked the freedom to just relax when I want to, but most people would probably benefit from just using the weekends to take time off!


Spend longer stints in places. There’s always newness to a place the first time you visit. I wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun stuff. But after a month, you settle down. It’s easier to get into the local flow and knock out work.