How to do without permanent address nor local bank?

I am soon to find out one way or another as I will leave my residency to become a nomad myself. I have not found a good solution for Bali or Asian countries on the internet.

I read our existing Nomadlist posts under Money tag. Money handling and charges around accessing it seem to be a big issue for nomads, soon my issue. As a post I read said, accessing money for a Nomad can be harder than making money. I am more worried about accessing money than having some.

I’ll use Transferwise Borderless account to keep my day to day living money. I am opening a Pte Ltd corporate, that only goes for business-related expenses.
My Canadian credit card will charge me an arm and a leg in fees and currency conversion for me to get Indonesian Rupiah in Bali from Canadian dollar account. Then at some point, my credit card will complain I am not in Canad anymore.
Not knowing better, I’ll try that. If that works good and still live me short on how to go for smaller and random daily expenses.

Thanks for your help!
Enjoy your Nomad living!!

I’ll reply to myself. I found what I’ll do.
Staying long enough, open a local bank account allowing meto transfer money to it.
Boarderless to bank will work.

Hi! Had similar problems very recently. Making a local bank account might leave you with the same problem after you leave that country(still useful thing to have of course).

Anyways, i came up with working solution - Swiss personal bank accounts. Almost all banks there allow you to open an account & control it absolutely remotely. Works for most of the passports. You can also change the address when you move.