How to find a 1-month apartment for rent in Medellin, Colombia?

I’m visiting Medellin this October for a month and was wondering what’s the best way to find a place there.

I’m looking at El Pabelado, but on Airbnb it’s all like $1500, when I know the real rent price there for a 1br should be $600.

Anyone can recommend some locals so I won’t get scammed/overpay?

do you want it all to yourself or is shared ok? not shared, that’s about right for a 1 BR in poblado. if you’re willing to share, I can send you a link to a nice place in a great location and he’ll give you local pricing.

It is indeed a bit expensive in Poblado, and if you are just staying here for around a month - I think that is about what you should expect. As always, we had some luck negotiating rates on AirBnB - and the COP is weak.

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Agreed with @wanderingdev. $1300 is about what we paid when @lognaturel and I were there last month. How do you know the real rent price should be $600?

Ah that’s what some googling said :smile: but I guess it’s wrong!

you can get a place for $600 but not in Poblado if you want a place to yourself. You’ll be maybe in laureles, but most likely even further out. when people talk about how cheap medellin is they’re usually, in my experience, living with multiple people.

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We ended up sharing in Medellin and lived in a pretty sweet apartment in Envigado - which I actually preferred to Poblado. If you want to share, let me know and I’ll send you the link of the place we stayed :smile: You can also check out CompartoApto - which the locals use to rent out apartments (again - probably more useful if you’re interested in sharing) Enjoy Medellin!


I’m also planing to spend a month there and another month in Cartagena on oct/nov. Let me know in case you are interested in sharing it with this awesome Brazilian here! Saludos!

Found a nice 2BR apartment in Envigado on VRBO. It is $1300 for 5 weeks. For groceries and other expenses, it is pretty cheap here. WiFi is everywhere.

we used a local agent and got a 2 bedroom in poblado for 1000/month (we’re a family). you must speak spanish though to use a local agent. there are also facebook groups with rooms and real estate.

@danayobst We’re looking now. Could you provide a name / contact info for the agent you used (email/website)? Thanks!

Yes, What’s you what’s app? i will forward there. she only works in poblado though. is that where you want to stay? the facebook groups are pretty helpful too for medellin.

@danayobst Thanks & sorry for not seeing your reply. We are in Medellin now & used for our Poblado stay near Santa Fe mall. No bargain & the keys were not awaiting us as promised after 19 hours in transit on a Sunday morning, but they’ve been responsive with everything since. Hope your first Christmas in Medellin has gone well!