How to find a budget accommodation in Seoul for 1-3 month?

Maybe some of you know good tips ?

Thank you for helping.

I’ve been thinking about going to Seoul for a while this year and would be interested in knowing too.

I have had a look through Airbnb listings and some are by companies that you can google and book with direct, possibly making it a bit cheaper.

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Hi @kathrynoh, I am also planning to visit South Korea for 3 months from July to October this year. Have been looking through AirBnb and Couch Surfing but yet to find any good deals. Most of the Couch Surfers are looking at a few days while longer term would be AirBnb and hostels. Do you think house sitting is available in Seoul or something?

I lived in Seoul for 4 years.

Its a tough housing market because of the key money concept. Basically, the landlord asks for 6-8 months rent up front as a security deposit.

You could look for goshiwon/goshitels. They are one room places that cater to students. I just found this site

The other thing you could do is look into Itaewon/Haebangchon, the foreign ghetto. It can suck, but the language barrier won’t be so bad.

Good luck.

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Aha, Japan is pretty much the same but it’s not a deposit, it’s a non-returnable gift. Are guesthouses for foreigners popular in Seoul? They are common in Tokyo and not as pricey, also available for one month or more.

I only spent a few nights in Seoul but all the Koreans I met complained about the price of housing there.

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Ok let’s go to Hanoi this year :smiley:

I’ve been in Seoul for almost 3 Months this year. From what I’ve seen there are quite many rooms being rented on Craigslist and many of the posts are serious and not some rip-offs like in other places. I’ve stayed in a room from Craigslist and it was great and I saw there were quite a few others too.

Personally I would not recommend Itaewon because it’s really a foreigner ghetto there. I’ve been in Songpa (one of the less central areas) and I was quite happy there. Obviously many people do not speak English, but I’ve had the impression they usually try their best to be able to communicate, and learning the Korean characters is super easy which also helps (took me about 4 hours).

One of the things I really enjoyed in Seoul is that there are tons of 24h cafes, which was great for me because I usually work at night.


I was wondering if anyone found out anything more since the last post in April '15.
The link above isn’t working anymore.

I’m planning to stay in Seoul for a few weeks this spring. Last time I was there I tried the Goshiwon and wouldn’t want to do that again. I also stayed in some ridiculously expensive AirBnBs, two of the three I tried having been of pretty low quality, so I’d be curious how to find a better option. Anything besides Craigslist?