How to find a room in Cluj-Napolca for 2 months?

I am considering to spend sometime in Cluj from around August. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to find an affordable room? Or maybe even have a spare room? It should be as cheap as possible, but I also don’t need much. A bed and wifi are almost enoug. :wink: toilet and small kitchen would also be nice. Shared flat would also be fine.

Every hint is appreciated!


Hi, I’m Romanian and have been living in Cluj since 2008.

If you speak Romanian, you can look through listings on various sites: (most are postings directly from landlords) (most are postings from real-estate agencies, which incur an extra fee of half the first month of rent)

If not, I have an extra room that I don’t really need (can give you more details in private).

Hey @scribu, I’m booking a place for two for January, and hopefully Feb and Mar in Cluj. Any interest in sharing tips?

@sharee32, how was your trip?

Hey @Miquel. Feel free to send me questions via PM or we can go grab a beer when you arrive. :smiley: