How to find a short-term apartment in Lisbon?

Hi everyone,

we plan to work from Lisbon from mid of April to mid of June this year and were wondering if anyone knows how to find a short-term apartment. AirBnB does not really offer much under 1000 Euro, which seems a bit high to us.

We are looking for a 1-bedroom apartment close to the city centre - budget: max 800 Euro. Can someone help?

Thanks! Jenny & Sebastian

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With that budget you’ll get something very nice easily :slightly_smiling:

Check it out:[]=entire-property&north=38.793882266687085&east=-9.01005499236112&south=38.65749483419974&west=-9.248664609948037

There is also the “locals” facebook group:

Search for T1 (which is what we call an 1 bedroom apartment), and avoid listings that don’t have pictures and/or say “procuro” as they are from people searching, not offering. Be aware most people here are looking for 1 year rentals, so uniplaces may be your best alternative to airbnb.


I’ve learned that it’s not uncommon for hosts to provide discounts, even on top of the monthly discount, when asked. Especially for multi-month stays. The last place I stayed I messaged two places in the same price range and with similar amenities: “I’m interested in booking for 3 months. Do you have any additional discounts available?” One host declined, the other offered a 30% discount with no additional haggling, and my dates were during high season.

In my limited experience it seems to be more successful with people who are managing their own property and would be happy for the guaranteed income and reducing the overall hassle. I haven’t had any success with professional hosts that are doing this as their full-time job and managing other people’s property.


Thanks guys! We’ll check it out! :slight_smile: Jenny

Hi Jenny,

Can’t offer too much info on the accommodation, but if you want to get together when you arrive, ping me a message. My partner and I have been here since January and we LOVE Lisbon :slight_smile:

1000?? I stayed there for a month (in the centre) in july last year for about 316 (using airbnb).
Did you set the filters correctly? Also maybe try zooming in on the map, because sometimes it doesn’t show places until you do!

Will do! Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you stay in a private room or did you have your own apartment? We would like to have our own apartment from which we can work from most of the time, too.

I’ll have another look at airbnb and the websites Tiagor suggested, but last time I checked the cheapest option cost something around 800 Euro/month. Hope we’ll find something cheaper, soon.

I would definitely recommend Uniplaces, they should have something that’s easily in your budget. :slight_smile:
I’m living in Lisbon since 2.5 years, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Hi Jenny,

Did you find something? Are you here in Lisbon now?

Yes! We found something on airbnb (way too expensive though) and stayed there for one month in May last year. Actually it was pretty hard to find something appropriate and we ended up paying 1000 Euro for the month.