How to find a short-term place to stay in Ireland?

I am hoping to spend a couple of months in Ireland and UK this summer. Does anyone have any recommendations for finding short-term rentals?

Try contacting people on AirBnb to see if they’d be up for negotiation? I assume you’ll be in one location for perhaps a month at a time?

I’ve already exhausted the 20 or so Airbnb leads < $2k. It seems like Airbnb’s inventory is limited compared to the Irish classified sites. Hoping someone knows a secret about this island…

Hi Miquel,

I’m from Ireland so maybe I can help :slight_smile: Is there anything in particular you’re looking to do while here? Dublin is probably where most of the action is, but places like Galway, Cork, Kerry, Clare are better for touristy stuff.

As you might expect, Dublin is considerably more expensive, rent is on the rise in the city so accommodation might be limited. Have you an idea of timeline? I can keep an ear out for accommodation. might have some short-term 3 month rental either if that works for you!


Hi Miguel,
Actually - we are leaving for Berlin on the 30th of March and are just finishing up painting our apartment to put it on AirBnB. Its a small 1 bed in the center of Dublin - Portobello - one of the nicest places to live, alongside the canal and a 10 minute walk to the city center. We will probably be putting it up for €1,200 per month. It has a separate bedroom with a double bed, two desks, sofa, high speed wifi, UPC TV and a full kitchen (stocked with lots of spices if you like to cook :slight_smile: ). I will be taking some photos tomorrow if you are interested let me know.
Kind Regards,

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Hey Orla! I’d be very much interested in seeing the photos.

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Hi Miquel,
Sorry about the delay with this - here is the apartment on Airbnb - I just put it up about 10 minutes ago -

Photos are not great as we were in a rush and had to take them at 4am before our flight to Berlin yesterday but Phil will be going back in two weeks to take daylight photos.

I’ve just gotten sent an enquiry for 17th April to 16th May (bit of a shock to be honest - have just put it up :slight_smile: ) - let me know if still interested.