How to find accommodation in Turkey?

… or in any modern town (with multi-storey appt buildings).

Hi, I’m going to Alanya, Turkey this October/November (then moving to Goa). My plan for Goa is the following: I rent something via Booking/AirBnB for just 2-3 days so that we could be rested from the road. During these days I’m going to shop around for longer and less expensive accommodation. In India, they say, the best way is to do it “offline”: just go to streets and look for “Rooms to let” signs. It’s Ok, I believe, in rural area with 1-2 story houses, but how would one “shop offline” in a modern town like Alanya? I mean, you won’t go into a multi-storey apartment buildings and knock at the doors, will you? Any advices?

Maybe, there are some boards that locals use to rent flats? I don’t like prices on AirBnB, to be honest… Especially with current Rub-to-Euro conversion rate :confused:
Besides, our primary goal on this trip is to try living “like a native”; not interested in touristic attractions.

Hello Viladimir ,

Alanya is a popular city in Antalya. Too many German lives there and they have their own houses. İt takes about 2-3 hours to reach the city.
I would recommend kemer or konyaaltı for a better vacation. You can find too many shopiing center and beaches are great. Too many russian,ukranien people choose kemer or konyaaltı part for vacation. I live in konyaaltı and too many russian family live in konyaaltı together with us.

By the way drop me a message when you come to Antalya. I would be gald to meet with you.



Thank you for the suggestion. Still, any howtos on the subject? (looking for affordable accommodations in cities like Alanya, Antalya, etc.)

In turkey you can find easily accomodation offline. You can find also good hotels with private rooms and wifi for around 30 TL.

The best way to find an accommodation in another country is to talk to some friend who have already been there. It is the most safe way to my mind.

I’ve been to Turkey for at least 5 times and i’ve also faced a problem like you do now. A friend of mine recommended me a small hotel right in the middle of Antalya. I used his advice and settled there. BTW its name is Eski Masal Hotel. It is a really nice place to come either with your friends or with your lovers. I’ve also visited Eski Masal with my parents once and they also liked it a lot.

Nice service, good people, delicious cuisine - perfect atmosphere for those who are not looking for getting drunk 24/7 during their trip to Antalya.

One thing I say - I’ve visited Eski Masal Hotel for 4 times and I will do it all the time because those guys know how to make my leisure unforgettable.

Hope I was helpful, buddy!
Have a nice day!

[quote=“Marco_Caggiano, post:4, topic:3447, full:true”]
In turkey you can find easily accomodation offline. You can find also good hotels with private rooms and wifi for around 30 TL.[/quote]

Well, that’s my question: How? How do one finds accommodations offline in a modern town (specifically, in Alanya)? Where should I go first? Maybe, buy certain newspaper? I’ve read about “go ask where Main street is” concept in Lonely Planet, but that’s applicable to villages, I believe?

Ok. I’ve found affordable option and here’s how: a friend of mine suggested a facebook group of russian expats in Alanya. There I’ve found few options, met with owners etc. The prices are surprisingly lower on the facebook feed than in most rental sites.

maybe you could link to that group so others can find it as well?

Here they are:

  1. Russian group:
  2. Not sure about something similar in English… Here’s an expats group, though: (warning: they consider rental ads as spam, but you could try to ask about proper rental group there)