How to find short term accommodation in Chiang Mai?

I’m planning on 6 weeks in Chiang Mai soon and most of the stuff I’ve read about finding a place there says the best thing to do is to look in person. Considering the short time I’m there, I would prefer to prebook to say a couple of days of apartment hunting.

I was wondering about the options for short(ish) term accommodation and if pre-booking is worthwhile or if I’ll just get fobbed off with the worst room/apartment available.

I’m just looking for something basic - so long as it has air conditioning. Having a work space would be a definite advantage as would closeness to coffee. Other than that, things like a pool, gym, kitchen aren’t that important to me.

Hey @kathrynoh we are arranging a month co-living in Chiang Mai Oct 20 to Nov 20 if you are interested. Also I know some people on the ground there I could point you in the direction of to help ya out!


I don’t see the problem with prebooking. How much can you be done in by over such a short period?

For such a short (and odd) term you may have difficulty renting an apartment in any case as they may require a longer commitment and maybe won’t rent for half a month.

Depending on you budget, I would suggest renting in a serviced apartment. I stayed at The Opium ( before and they are very good. Right now I am staying at Sang Serene ( and also very good though a bit on the outskirts of the city so not too everyone’s taste - you will definitely need a motorcycle.

Lastly you can also check out the Chiang Mai properties website:


Thanks, Chris. The dates don’t work for me but any info would be appreciated.

Thanks. The Opium looks perfect for what I need and around the budget I was thinking of paying.

Most of my concerns were based on the apartments I found on Airbnb + reading blogs that say to look at places in person first because often the pics don’t match reality.

Kathryn, you can find even cheaper options, check this post, very useful for short term accommodation
These are all places that we know, I would personally recommend Chiang Mai Lodge, for costs, location and service.


Thanks, that’s a very comprehensive list. It’s good to know places that others recommend :slight_smile:

Probably a bit late for this thread, but just wanted to say that I also stayed at the opium last year (and will be staying there again a few weeks from now) and it’s a great place to stay. Quiet enough, close to town, reliable wifi and super friendly people. Really recommend it


I’ll be there for the month of January. I found a place that looks good, good price location etc. but they don’t have an email contact! Just a phone number. Anyone heard of S.T. Apartments in Nimman area?

Just note that the Nimman area has a lot of bars and nightclubs, so keep this in mind. Depending on how late you go to bed or how well you sleep with noise going on all around, this is may not be a good choice.

I just arrived in Chiang Mai & had to go through the “on site” house hunting process, I just wrote what i found out on my new blog Note that I posted a few addresses (& exact google locations) along with the prices & business cards/brochure for the interesting place I came across. Hope it helps!


That’s a really useful blog post. I’m vaguely thinking of going to Thailand at some point, so I’ll keep this bookmarked.

For people who want to get Chiang Mai and then search around for apartments, I put together a list of places that you can stay easily for a few nights while you search for a place -