How to find the best budget accommodation in Hanoi?

Share your tips, favorite areas and best online resources!

I lived in Hanoi for 4 months in Hai Ba Trung district and it was very nice. Mostly local people, not too much tourist, lot of restaurants, a market and a big park. Not too far from the center and Hoàn Kiếm Lake. A good way to find accommodation is on some facebook groups like Hanoi Comrades There’s a lot of people who post ads for apartment or room to rent at all kind of price.


“Hanoi Massive” group on Facebook

Or try this site

The most ideal place to live in Hanoi is anywhere nearby Ho Tay (West Lake) especially on Xuan Dieu, Dang Thai Mai, and To Ngoc Van streets. You will find a large community of expats living there, the place is like an island right inside the centre of city, the air is perfect, the traffic is not overloaded like other places, there are a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels surrounded. ClickSpace is the only co-working space in Hanoi and it’s located on To Ngoc Van street, monthly membership costs only $50. That being said, it’s the most expensive area to live in Hanoi, however you may still find a good deal by checking on the sites, contact them and negotiate, I used to rent a house there for only $500/month with 4 bed rooms + a kitchen + a living room 2 years ago when I was in Hanoi and shared it with 3 UK lads I met in a bar.


Thank you ! How to move around ? Any public transportation system ?

Best way is to rent a motorbike. There’s buses but no subway and taxi are cheap. You can also hired someone on motorbike for half the price of a taxi on almost all street corner.

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Once you have arrived at the airport, walk out the terminal and you will see a lot of buses and mini-buses waiting, follow the people and get into a bus, it will take you to the city centre for only $2, avoid taxies as it will cost you a lot or may scam you. The bus will drop you at Quang Trung street, buy a map and walk to Ta Hien street, or get a motorbike taxi or taxi (another $2). (Motorbike taxies are the men who will approach you right at the time you walk down the bus, and they are everywhere at any street conner, always ask and negotiate for a good price before you go with any of them).

In Ta Hien street you will see a lot of shops where you can rent a motorbike for cheap, I’d recommend you to get one. On the same street or the neighbourhood, look for a hotel or hostel room, it’s cheap and readily available there, to stay temporarily while you look for an accommodation, and enjoy the nightlife of the busiest street in town.


Thanks everyone for the good tips :smile:
Any tips for good meetups ?