How to get a UK residence address without renting/buying?

I’m an EU national IT specialist, recently decided to become a digital nomad. I just left my permanent job in Germany and opened a UK based LTD (for a better taxation) to start a new career as remote working IT contractor. I also want to become a UK resident and pay personal income tax there BUT I don’t want to rent/buy a place because I have no interest in physically living in the UK, as a nomad I will be traveling abroad 100% of the time.

So I just need a UK address where I’m registered as a resident and could receive mail, but I would never actually be there. I could rent a place and keep it empty but that would be a total waste of money.

How do I find somebody who could give me an official residence at his/her address and keep my name on the door? I’m ok with paying a reasonable monthly fee for this “service” (but not as high as a rent), and give assurance in whatever form that I will never pretend to physically live there. I have no close friends in the UK to ask for this favor, and trying to propose this to a random landlord would be just weird since they are not familiar with the needs of a digital nomad.

Maybe you guys can suggest me somebody who understand the situation and want to make some extra cash every month to pay the bills? I’m ready to meet in person, provide full proof of identity or any other document, and to make a written agreement that gives the landlord the freedom to cancel this “situation” at any time.

This is NOT for tax evasion, it’s the opposite! I WANT to pay full tax as UK resident, I just don’t want to waste money on a rent which I will literally never use.

I would be very grateful for any advice!



I’m British and also need to maintain a UK address - for my bank, for the tax authorities, etc. I tried renting an address, but the company was quite sleazy and basically started blackmailing me, asking for me to pay a year’s renewal less than six months in, asking for money for this and that, not letting me come to collect my post (as their forwarding costs were exorbitant), harassing me… The ‘give us money’ emails were quite sporadic and eventually it felt to me like they were just sending emails like that whenever their cash flow was bad! Soooo I found a friend who was happy for me to pay them instead, and everything’s been OK. Although I have had to change addresses (i.e. change from one friend to another) as the first friend was doing quite a bit of moving herself.

In a nutshell, find a friend in the UK who will let you use their address and pay for the service!

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We can arrange a London address at £295 a year which works for our German, Italian and Spanish clients so it should be fine if its liked with a UK phone number which we can arrange too if needed.

You might like to check out a virtual business solution such as 1st formations (they will forward/scan mail for you too if you want):

Ani, thank you for sharing your experience, I will follow your advice and try to find somebody.

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Thank you for the link, checking it out!

Can this address provide any proof of residence (fe contract with my name) for opening a bank account?

Did you just notice that the UK HMRC issued a 103 pages long document that defines the criteria to decide an individual’s tax residency status? It has almost nothing to do with a residence address. With a fake address you can’t prove anything if you don’t actually stay in UK. So your home country will most probably consider this as tax evasion (even if you voluntarily pay taxes in the UK) and you will have to pay lots of late fees and penalties.
My strategy for the same problem is to actually move to a low tax country and live there. UK would be a poor choice for me because I don’t like its weather and living costs.

Why in the world would you voluntarily want to give the government of a foreign country money for not living there at all?

I keep an address by using UK Postbox ( So far, they’ve been pretty good. The mail receiving / scanning / address companies are more established in the US, and there’s more competition, which keeps features constantly improving. (I started in the US and use 2 different services there for my business – one with a CA address, one with a NY address.) Anyway, UK Postbox isn’t quite as good as some of the US companies, but so far I’ve been quite happy with it.

If you have a UK LTD company you’ll need an accountant to complete your annual returns (you can’t do this yourself for a LTD company). Many UK accountants will let you have your mail go to them, especially if it’s just stuff related to running your company.

2 different parameters to evaluate: personal residence and business residence. I’ve been thru that some years ago.
They’re two totally different pair of gloves: the business residence is easy, just choose from a lot of incorporating services/accountants (not affiliated with them but suggest or The problem is with your personal residence. If you will be the managing director of the company, you’ll need to reside there, otherwise it’s tax evasion. Otherwise you have to hire (also from one of those service providers already mentioned or other fiduciary companies) one. And you’ll be fine with corporate taxation. But then as your personal income and residence, the country where you’ll be living in could give you problems. It’s a messy european bullshit from bureaucracy but it’s so, for now.

I think, as someone suggested, the best solution is to move yourself to a low taxation country (South East Asia for example or Canary Islands or Portugal or Montenegro) and open a company to the nearest onshore/offshore not on blacklists. I.E. if you move anywhere in Asia (Vietnam is becoming the new China, biz hub) you can easily open an Hong Kong company or Singaporean company without anyone chasing after you cause it’s perfectly legal. But keep in mind you have to move your true residency there in the low tax country.

Hope this helps.

Hi Pavel,
You might want to check whether you can pass the national insurance interview, without which you won’t get a NiNo number and won’t be able to pay tax afaik. They will ask you what you want the number for, what your clients are etc.

Thanks to everybody for advising, really appreciate that.

so what’s your country of choice? :slight_smile:

Cant you just use a postbox? Its simple and should work

Hi, I am in similar position like you. Please share if you found the place you was looking for. Thanks