How to get a virtual address in UK?


I am wanting a business address that I can use for invoicing, HMRC, and related things like hosting/domains etc. I get very little in the way of post because 99% of it is done online, but a service that redirects any mail to my parents home while I am abroad, would be useful.

Can anyone recommend any UK based businesses that do this affordably. I don’t want to have a PO box, but a physical address.

Thanks in advance.



I don’t suppose anyone can help with this question? :smiley:

I don’t know the answer for this but am interested in this too :slight_smile:

Hi there, I use Hoxton Mix (you’ll have to Google them as I can’t post links as a new member) for this, but there are many others in UK who offer more or less the same. Their basic service costs £15/month and you get a business address and they will send you an email every time you receive something so you can come collect it.

It works for me as I’m in London quite often but if you’re away, they can scan the documents and email them to you. This obviously costs a bit more and they have some other interesting services that can be relevant for you.

Hope this helps!

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Haven’t tried these but it sounds like it might be what you need


I began by renting a street address from a company that turned out to be very dodgy. I am now paying the same amount to a friend, who receives my post, etc, and I can use that (her) address as needed. This has been a far more reliable route for me.