How to get from Panama to Nicaragua?

I’m spending three months in Columbia and have a plane ticket from there to Panama City. The goal is Granada, Nicaragua. Unfortunately, I will have a bit of luggage on this trip, so I’m not all that excited about moving around too much by bus. As I will be staying in Central America for the foreseeable future, I will be able to return to Panama. What would you do in Panama if time were limited? Is it worth it just for a day? Should I return later without so much luggage and wait to see Panama until then? Any thoughts?

Panama City is worth it … there’s an old colonial area worth wandering around… there’s a boardwalk area worth wandering around… there’s plenty of life in Panama City.

As far as going to Granada – um… you can fly… you can bus… you can get a shuttle to the border in David… rent a car in costa rica… drive up the west coast to the nica border… or drop off at liberia airport and get another shuttle… and then rent a car on the nica side… or get shuttles the whole way. (I don’t know your budget.)

Bus would be least expensive… You could also send your luggage via DSL and ride a bicycle if you wanted :slight_smile: LOL. Many many ways to get from Panama to Granada. (I love Granada btw – nice choice … the little islands with houses on them there are really cool… some good food, art, furniture… nice colonial town - you’ll love it.)


Thank you, Harris Fellman! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Some idea of where to begin planning. Thank you!