How to get US visa outside home country?

Hi guys!
I’m originally from Ukraine and now traveling through SEA.
And I was thinking about potential possibility to apply for US visa in any of South East Asian countries.
Does anyone has successful experience of getting US visa in SEA region?
Or maybe it is not possible and I have to apply from my home country?
(for example, friend of mine from Ukraine tried to apply for South Korean visa in Bangkok, but they refused to do so and asked him to apply for the visa from Ukraine)

Thanks in advance!

You have to apply in your own country

I am from Colombia so this has been always a problem. Now I live in Norway and I am working remotely for a company in the US.

For a visa you can only apply from your own country or the country where you are residing. Either way, you need to demonstrate that you are resident of the country from where you apply, that means you need to be working or studying in that country or you are there because you have a family.

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If you meet the eligibility criteria you should be able to apply for the VISA waiver online for both holiday or business:

Eligibility rules are here:

Was holidaying in the USA for a month back in 2012 and this is the only documentation I did.

From memory, the fine print indicates acceptance of the pre-registration is by no means binding - and they make the final determination at the customs desk as you arrive. We had no problems.

Some tips for the unitiated:

  • Mobile devices/laptops cannot be used in customs area
  • Have printouts of your return flight booking and at least your initial accomodation to avoid questions

Hope this helps :smile:

I’m also from Ukraine. I got US visa twice, one in Serbia and one in Macedonia (and I didn’t have residency in those countries).
As far a I know you can apply in any US embassy. They might say that they don’t like it, but you actually can.

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Even though I hold a passport of a Visa Waiver country, as every normal person, I visited Iran in the last 5 years. So I need a normal visa. Nomads: what ties can you show to your country of citizenship, or any third country from which, albeit with less chance of success, you might try to apply for the visa? I can show them a pile of money on my bank account, but basically that’s it. Still, do I have a good chance of getting the visa?

I ended up in the same situation. I thought I can just apply for US visa in any embassy. So I’m right now in a coworking space in Mexico City, just realized that, on their website, there’s a small print saying that non-Mexicans and non-residents can’t apply for visa.

I called the US embassy and they told me that I could apply, but there’s a high chance of me being rejected. I don’t want to throw away $160 for nothing. Does anyone have experiences in applying for US visa in Mexico as a non-Mexican and non-Mexican-resident?