How to insure my belongings when traveling in SE Asia & South America?

I want an insurance that covers my belongings only.
I already have a international travel health insurance, hence I do not need some link or recommendation to do-it-all packages (i.e. insurance for health + rescue + belongings).

I came across this threads:

But they did not help me because:

  • I do not live in the UK, nor am I a UK citizen
  • My credit card does NOT cover my belongings, nor does any of the insurances I already have

Ideally, I’d like to find an insurance that can insure my belongings regardless of my nationality & residence. Any link to information of quality is welcome.


Bump! Would love to know this as well!

Bump. Still looking for a solution to this. Any pointers welcome!

There’s a lot of insurance companies out there selling travel insurance. Travel insurance usually covers your belongings, flight delays, cancellation costs etc. Travel insurance doesn’t cover medical conditions, medical/health insurance does.

Simply google travel insurance + your country of residency.

I mean no disrespect but you could have replied “I don’t know”, it would be have been as useful.
You provide no fact, not even “the start” of a proof of what you say.

It’s funny how hard it seems to be for people to admit that fact: we simply do not know many things.
And instead of not saying anything (or admit we just do not know) we first say “it’s impossible!”.
I have experienced this so many times on forums… this is getting tiring & annoying.
I hope many forum users will read this & try to think twice (or 3 times) before writing the annoying “it’s impossible”.

Think about the times when the first people asked around them how to become a location independent entrepreneur, what kind of annoying/disappointing answer did they get?

What I said is absolutely valid: google “travel insurance + your country of residence”. You’ll get a list of insurance firms in your country. Simply call them and ask for a quote, easy as that.

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You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

I was in the same position of having health insurance and needing to insure only my stuff. Being an american citizen I decided to use state farm for laptop insurance and decided to not insure the remainder of my gear. Laptop insurance is offered as a plan called “personal article protection” by state farm. It costs $20/month (which is a lot, in my opinion). The backpack and other gear was not eligible for this plan. I was told I would need to take out a renters insurance policy at $19/month in order to have the rest of the stuff covered.

Shopping around with other insurance carriers could be beneficial. If you find something cheaper please do post it here.

Just wanted to bump this up. They broke into our villa in Bali a few days ago and took 2 Laptops and 1 DSLR of our roomies with them. (We thankfully had everything in the safe, if not they would have taken almost $10.000 worth of gear in total).

If I have to think about paying 200$ per year for an insurance or 4500$ to buy everything new when it happens, I would rather pay for the insurance.

Where can I get an insurrance for my valuables without residency?

Hi Jascha, sorry to hear that story. These guys must be super desperate because the treatment they will get, when they get caught by the Indonesian police, will be extremely violent.

Anyhow, back to the topic, here is “the start of an answer” on regarding belonging-only insurances.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: