How to keep laptops clean in grimy environments

I’m working for a few weeks near the sea and I need wifi. All the cafes are lined up on the main street running parallel to the beach. None of the cafes are air conditioned, relying on the wind to cool them. The ones that are more sheltered are incredibly hot during the day; the cooler ones tend to be grimier.

I’ve found a few places that are midway between heat & grime and further away from the beach. But the grime is worrying me. I have a soft cloth to wipe down my laptop down before returning it to its case, but I’m not sure what else might help.

Any other advice for keeping your laptop clean when you’re working in this kind of environment? Any kit I should have brought along with me?

I would say a silicon shell + silicon keyboard protection which is always great to have, a cheap laptop stand to avoid having the laptop close to dirty/grimy surfaces and maybe even silicon caps for the plugs to avoid grimy wind to blow into your laptop…

Hey Enrico. Thanks for the suggestions. The shell looks yummy & the plugs very useful. I’m not sure if the keycap covers are a good idea. Apple warns against them.

As for the stand you suggest, Pieter has voiced a valid concern:

I think having a light laptop stand you can whip out to use with an external keyboard and mouse is pretty neat. But it needs to be a bit higher up – and then, of course, you also need to carry the rest of the peripherals.