How to move your furniture in Europe so that it arrives after you?

Hello, i have been moving around with just a couple of suitcases and that was easy, just find a nice coworking space and pay a lot for a room on AirBnB and you can visit a lot of places.

My problem now is that i have been living in a flat for a few years, and i cumulated an amount of stuff i don’t necessarily want to get rid of. In other words, this time i want to move my whole base elsewhere, but i am quite confused about how to do that.

I want to move from Germany to Italy, and i guess that i can find a more or less expensive service to move my stuff safely to destination, the problem is that i would like the furniture to arrive after me, and possibly to a destination i don’t know yet.

So, ideally i would load all my stuff on a truck and call back one month later with the address of the house i found in the meantime, but i am not sure that a service like this even exists. If it doesn’t, i will have to go back and forth from my target location, and i will need to carefully plan my moves in order to be in the old place while loading the furniture, and already in the new place when it will arrive.

This sounds unneededly complex. Am i missing anything? How do people relocate?

You should be able to do that. But expect to give a few phone calls, this kind of request wouldn’t be advertised online I believe.

Here are a few companies in Europe who organize moves for private individuals. If they can’t do this for you, they may be able to tell you who else you can try to contact.

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Hey, thanks a lot. I tried a few of those links and also some German ones. Pearson had the best web experience so far!