How to plan a big trip

Hello everyone, I’m getting ready for a great tour for over 10 countries.

In some countries, I would like to stay in 2 hotels and get to know the best places.

Does anyone know something of an app, spreadsheet or way to better organize the whole trip?

Do you mean something like Google Trips?
With SkyScanner you can find flights connecting more countries; to find the “best places” Couchsurfing can be quite useful also to collect info, because every cities has a dashboard where you can ask whatever you need.

Yes. Kind Google Trips is what I meant, I still did not know this app. He looks good. Thanks for the recommendation.

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@thiagofinch I use KAYAK Trips and it works wonderfully. You just sign up, forward all your confirmations to a email address they give you and they’ll prepare great itineraries that are available offline through their apps. Their app will also send you check-in reminders, a push notification with which gate you’re departing from, which belt your luggage is on et cetera. Very smooth experience.

For planning the actual trip, Kiwi has a “Nomad” function which is pretty nice. You enter the places you want to visit and for how long approximately and it’ll come up with the best / cheapest way to fly between these places.

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Back in 2016 we planned a 60 day trip to Europe across dozens of cities, that included planes, trains, cars and boats. It was done in google spreadsheet. Very convenient to plan, not very convenient to use on the road.

After years of traveling we switched to the following model:
Draft plans: Shared apple notes with the name of a country / City
Then I forward all confirmations to tripit to categorize and create a meaningful calendar feed. It worked a bit better for me then Kayak trips, but that was long time ago.
City Tours - Google Docs or Apple Notes & google map routes

Just see where the road takes u is also a fun way to do it

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